Implant in Italy Milan, which?

Hi everyone,
i am new and very interested in a sub skin implant to open more doors.
I live in ITALY in Milan.
I have some questions to ask:

  • where can I have a system installed in complete safety?
  • does the same seller already sell the chip or do I have to get it myself?
  • what is the correct system for my request?
  • how do I program it to open my doors ?

sorry for the questions but I’m entering this world now and I would like to understand well.

Thank you all

The chip you will buy from the Dangerous Things website. Lock manufacturers do not sell implants as the locks are meant to be used with cards or fobs.
The lock you will probably buy on amazon. An NFC or RFID standard lock. Check this out for lock-implant compatibility : Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

If you’re talking about getting the implant installed you can ask a friend with medical experience or contact a piercer/ body mod shop in your area. Dangerous Things has a map of trusted places.

I assume you’re talking about your home door. Most NFC capable door locks will do the job. If I were you I would pick one mentioned here to be sure it works with the implant you will choose.
You setup the implant exactly the same way you setup an keyfob. The lock will come with instructions for that.

The NeXT is a good first implant. So you can get that and install a lock that is compatible with the NeXT from the list

The reason you see the NeXT twice in the list is because it works with two frequencies to be compatible with more systems.

You can also look at this for example:

The xNT is the same as the NeXT but with only the one frequency.


Your english is fantastic, but if you want to use Italian, the forum has a translate tool
Bottom right next to the heart

this will allow you to type in your native language and us to translate at the touch if a button.


Anastasia was on the Guinness World Records show in Italy last night. This is probably going to be the first of many enquiries!

This table will help you understand what is out there and what is compatible but many of these locks are not sold in Italy so you’d have to order them from outside which is expensive. Some, like Yale and Dom are sold without having to import them.
Local to Italy, the ISEO company is about to come out with a new range of RFID locks.
For garage or industrial doors you can also assemble your own from relatively cheap parts (See Access system build) but you might not want these on the smart front door of your house.


hello, you’re right, I’ve been looking for something and someone for months to compare and make a small implant, then I gave up, because I can’t find Italian forums or people who talk about it in Italian. also the firms are foreign and they don’t always answer.
seeing the guinness world record, I tried looking again.

i would also like electronic payment, but the only firm i can find is Walletmor and it only does with VISA, i have been using AMEX and found nothing, is that correct or is there something ?

thank you all for the initial information, now I look at all the links, but are there no Italian groups or forums ? or Italian people to compare with ?
there are no centers in Milan that do these installations regularly ?


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There were a few peeps here from Italy. Hopefully they’ll see this and pop up to offer help.

For clarity:

companies such as Walletmor would basically “give you a new card”, to have in addition to your current cards.
Since not every place accepts every card, having variety is good!

Another option would be to get a fresh new Amex card and then do a conversion service on it, transforming it into an implant.
Note that this requires a contactless card for obvious reasons. Preferably a contactless-only card, since some terminals worldwide still might require the PIN to be inserted.
And more importantly, this might (probably will) go against the card issuer/bank’s terms and conditions, so your card might be blocked if they found out you tampered with it for a conversion.

For both methods:

  • It’s not something you can “copy your card over”. That does not exist because of limitations imposed by the card companies themselves.

  • it would have an expiry date upon which the implant would become useless

and a PS:
Mio italiano è schiffoso, ma posso aiutarti se il problema è la lingua

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for now I have a gate lock that opens with a tag of these: TAG
so i would definitely need to take a chip for this kind of opening.

with another TAG (this one: WHIZTAGS, via smartphone and homa assistant, i run a scene that opens 2 gates.

can i take only 1 chip that releases multiple openings ? or each opening must be programmed by a chip ?

because otherwise so i should make 2 installations. or for now decide which of the 2 to start making.


Any T5577 implant is compatible with that

We will need a little more info on this one

Could you please scan it with TagInfo and share the the following results

With luck, a NExT will be compatible, so you only need one implant.

I cant guarantee that it will work with your lock as there are other viables.

I will explain more after you share the results of the TagInfo scan


Just for the sake of clarity… We should first clarify if @simonz82 's link:

was selected because of the chip within those tags “em4100 125khz”
or because of the fob form-factor “round blue plastic keyring RFID fob”.

That same form factor can come with many different chipsets.

So if the reference was for the chip, then yes, a T5577 will work!

This works like this:

  • the “Lock” registers all the RFID chips it allows access.
  • when any chip is presented to the “Lock”, it checks if that chip is registered, and then grants access

This means that the same chip can be registered in as many “Locks” as you want.

That said, this requires you to be able/allowed to register your chip into the Lock’s system… which is easier said than done.

Many locks you can buy for your house only accept some proprietary chips (you can hack most of them, but that’s more complicated).

Many schools/jobs/buildings refuse to allow us to register our implants just because they don’t actually understand what goes on…

So in practice, most people end up “copying” a key unto their implant exactly because some places add an useless level of gatekeeping to registering new FOBs

Hope this didn’t got too complicated.


I confirm that my gate TAGs are just that (it is my purchase that I made): TAG

while the NFC tag I’m using has these features.

NFC Tools is a great app, but the one place it lacks compared to TagInfo is NFC Tools Chip identification is not always 100% accurate, So it’s likely that you have an ultralight, but not certain.
A TagInfo scan would allow a me to provide a more accurate reccomendation.

What I would suggest is …hmmm…the easiest thing would be,…get your self an NTAG216 test card ( A fob would be better ) (a chinese pet implant would be ideal)
IF you own the lock

this is where you would try and enroll the NTAG216 you purchased from above, and if it works, I see a NExT in your future, I can’t guarantee it will work with your lock due to the size of the NExT, the ability to couple will be reduced compared to a Card / Fob.

You could check the Matrix, ( Also mentioned above ) to see if your lock is on there and if it has been tested as compatiable

If you don’t own the lock, you will have to do the same thing, BUT you will have to convince the lock administrator to allow you to enroll your test card/ fob/ implant.

Does that all make sense?

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here is the info

@simonz82 hey,
I’m actually italian and from the Milan area, but I’m currently living in Zurich.

There are a few body modification practitioners in Milan and the surrounding area that are certainly able to help you with the installation part; feel free to reach out if you want to have a cyborg chat in italian :slight_smile:

thanks for the info, in the meantime I’ve already done it :smiley:

if you would like to hear us in pvt to share experiences and more, gladly:

NExT in L0 - Apr '23
xSIID NFC + LED Implant in R0 - May '23

first implant video

second implant video

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