Access system build

I made a door mock-up to build and test an access system using standard chinese parts. So far I haven’t had much luck getting the wiring right. Does anyone have experience with these components?

Tom the Lab Rat

I should be able to talk you through it, but should we try a picture first?


Thank you. When I get back from work I’ll compare this with the other charts I have at home. From memory yours looks simpler so maybe I had a wire too many somewhere.

Well after a lot of effing about I got everything working. Thanks PM for your wiring chart. I reworked it for some additional equipment and I include it here for anyone else that’s thinking about assembling their own access system.

I noticed that most charts show locks with NC (normally closed) circuits. All the locks I have are NO (normally open) circuits so I’ve added one. I also include the wiring for an additional RFID reader. Given that this forum is about implanted chips you might want to place the Access Controller on the inside of the door for setting permissions and place the standalone reader discreetly on the outside.
I added mine because the Access Controller only reads 125kHz and I have a 13.56MHz implant.


Don’t you have to connect the COM terminal on the inner reader/controller for that to work?

I’ve been interested in those readers with wiegand imput but I had not been able to find clear information about how to connect the additional reader.

Derailing the thread, what inspired your username?

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Well spotted!!! You are absolutely right! I redrew the wires several times to simplify the layout and on the last pass before uploading I left that PhShp layer unchecked. I have edited the post so it’s now there for future users.
Lab Rat because I have a large workshop with a vary wide range of tools and technologies and I’m a tinkerer. Also, given that here we’re part of a series of experiments on our bodies it seemed like an appropriate name. While we’re a little off topic I’d like to add that I am on a few creative forums and many of them harbour negative elements like jealousy and one-upmanship but I don’t feel that with this group. I’m really enjoying being here and I’m learning a shit load (being in southern Europe, that would be a metric shit load).

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Fantastic, thats the culture we try to exhibit.

So basically we are better than all those other forums


It’s pretty simple: Positive, Ground, D0 and D1. All four like-to-like with the controller. The one in the diagram is sold as “Long Range” which might be a bit exaggerated but it does give a clear read with no messing about even with my basic NT216. I’m currently testing another smaller, more discrete version.

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All testing is now finished and I’ll be kitting out my workshop door in the next few days. This video shows all the elements I tested but on the actual door I want a discrete system so I will only be fitting the small silver reader to the outside of the door. I will fit the keypad on the inside of the door because it’s needed for adding and removing cards/fobs/chips.


Man I love that “thunk” when it unlocks


Well then, just for you mfries18, here comes a little more ASMR lock porn!

It’s the next RFID access product I’m going to test: a drawer/cupboard-door latch.

It comes with a Mifare Classic 1K card that it reads quite easily through a wooden drawer front but the small antenna in my NTAG216 is going to need to be nearer so I’ll probably be getting the router out to bring the lock’s antenna closer to the surface of the drawer.


Yeah, you’ll definately need to for xSeries, alternatively, bring Mohammad to the Mountain, i.e. modifify the lock and move the antenna closer to the surface rather than the whole lock.

That lock has been featured a number of times on the forum.

Search Rothult

heres one to get you started

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Isn’t it the Mountain to Mohammad?

That’s the fancy Ikea version, the one in this thread is a chinise clone. There’s also a low frequency version but I’ve been skeptical about the rage of both variants so never ordered one. I guess that both need some modifications.

Yeah I know, I was trying to be funny.
Obviously I missed the mark :slightly_frowning_face:

also aware, I have 2 of those Chinese ones, which use MF1K and the range is poor pre-mod.
But I believe they perform similarly to the Rothult from the videos I have seen. (In fainess Video is my only reference to these)