Implant install video

Hello people of the forum, my name is Patricio and I am currently selling vivokey spark2 and neXt products in Chile, tomorrow I will have an interview for an important newspaper and I need your help!

I need the best videos of your facilities, if you can help me with your Installation videos would be very helpful since the material I have is limited, if you can attach it to a google drive or send it to me personally I would greatly appreciate it.

Let’s continue with this beautiful community! and let’s continue with better projects!

many greetings

Patricio Briones
Bio-Upgrade Chile


Prepare to be misquoted and have your words twisted…


did you get permission from @amal to resell stock like this? i can see a laundry list of warranty and insurance problems….

edit to add: damn bro you’re racking on an extra FIFTY dollars to the cost to resell? wtf

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its expensive to import into south america… like worse than VAT


so this is something you’re cool with? does DTs warranty still apply to a third party seller etc

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We’re seeing where this goes. Nothing is official yet and I’ve not reviewed the site yet … will do so soon

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if it’s all squeaky clean and professional it may be worth discussing a south american official retailer

the website needs to be updated.