Implant Location Finder

I believe the official answer is 5mm, that being said I’m pretty sure several people have implants that break that threshold and haven’t reported any issues yet, so I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s bothering you, but hopefully someone more informed than me will reply with better info soon


How about Amal?

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ok i should be good its not bothering me just wanted to make sure :smiley: its right around the 3mm range from the bone. Thanks for all your help.

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Could you post the x-ray?


Yeah nice! I’ve lost my blue siid to the fatness of my hand. I can scan it reasonably well but I can no longer see it.

I can’t seem to find an X-ray place who will just let me pay to get a photo,

Ya you would have to give your doctor a reason like if it hurts or suspect that it may have broke or is to close to the bone to be safe.

My doc was cool i just told him hey i got implants and i want to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

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Not sure if you saw the uploads @amal :smiley:

Yeah this should be ok… it’s a bit close but it’s on the inside of the bone any impact will drive it away… you should be fine :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley: