Implant Locations

I currently have an xNT implant in both hands and am looking at getting an xEM implant. Would it be feasable to have the xEM implant installed into my lower wrist?


Alex :slight_smile:

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Yes it is possible… not recommended, but possible. People have put them into the following places:

As shown by the blue location, some people put multiple tags into the same triangle space between the metacarpals of the thumb and index finger. As long as there is at least 5mm space between the two tags, and at least 3mm to 5mm space between tag and nearest bone, it should be ok. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but that would be the minimum safe distance I think.

I personally have placed an xEM into the space between my pinky and ring finger metacarpal bones on the back of my right hand. It’s not the preferred location, but it’s worked out just fine.


Excellent, thanks for your fast response :slight_smile:

Hey amal, new to the forum and I just submitted my first order last week. I am curious about the location on the back of the wrist featured in the bottom right of that image you posted. Are there any problems with that location? Apologies if this is a repeat question from the original post, but I am honestly not sure if the “lower wrist” means top/back/dorsal/posterior or bottom/interior/anterior or the wrist. I am considering doing an NExT install in the posterior side of my wrist.

And a bit of a weird question if I may, @amal (and others familiar with hand anatomy!) - I know anything other than one chip per hand between the thumb and index is not recommended, but of the other locations, what do you believe is the ‘least non-recommended’? Two in the triangle? Pick a different metacarpal? Knife edge?

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Well @amal I just found the Wiki Beginners guide. Feel free to ignore the last response from me as it has already essentially been answered. Sorry about that.

Here’s the forum post I mentioned. It shows how @vicarious has some 22 implants in his hands. May be worth checking out as there’s also a breakdown of good and bad locations all color coded.

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I’ve definitely come across that and I’m aware of of where people have got implants, it was more a curiosity of trying to separate the ‘GOOD’ category a bit more.

At the moment most of the info seems to be that locations fall into 4 categories

BEST - one chip in the recommended spot
GOOD - a whole bunch of options, and so on.

I’m curious for opinions on if any of the ‘GOOD’ locations are more-good. I’m looking at two side by side in the triangle, but it will also come down to what my piercer is comfortable with.

Gotcha. Well then I will leave it to Amal to answer as I am still a new guy to this whole thing.

Here’s a decent starting point for locations that seem to work


Just to chime in here, about the colour coded “map” I made, I was trying to make a visually basic representation of Recommendations for placement without getting too in depth.
The :red_circle: was supposed to represent, flexing surfaces and places that people shouldn’t consider put any implants (fingertip magnets being the exception)
The :orange_circle: was supposed to represent places that people HAVE put implant but are NOT really reccomended
The :green_circle: was supposed to represent, the most common places people put their implants.

Every BODY is different, and Anybody, can insert anything, into anywhere, in their own body they want!

If that is too confusing, I can look at changing it…

@Compgeek , I didn’t consider multiple implant in that picture, there are just too many combinations to consider, so when you 100% decide what you want where (Are you still waiting for @vicarious to give you some advice?), let us know and we can give you a second, third, fourth… opinion


Hey now, this a PG13 board I think


PG13? Is that the newer version of the xG3?


Your piercer should discuss with you what is possible with your anatomy. If there is enough space in the triangle for two implants next to eachother with enough space in between and enough space next to the metacarpal bones then it should be fine. Check with your piercer though.


Thanks @Vicarious and @Pilgrimsmaster!

Will definitely discuss with my piercer and go with their recommendations. Good to know that all those options are basically equally good depending on your anatomy


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This is the best advice… some people put two next to each other in the triangle… we suggest leaving at least 5mm of space between them though. I have one in each space between the thumb and index metacarpal (the triangle) but I also have a Spark and another xEM on either hand between the ring and pinky metacarpals.

@Vicarious is correct… anatomy is too different to give top down advice… the best thing is to get the assessment of a professional.