Migration concern

I’m planning to implant the NeXT and the xLED into “the triangle” of my left hand, and I’m worried about those two migrating towards each other and increasing the risk of breaking. Do you think this is a serious concern?

This can be an issue, generally its recommended to have 5mm spacing between implants as a bare minimum this would be easier to achieve if you have one implant done, wait a couple weeks get the second done. This will allow the first to settle and be happy with its placement and allow you to be sure where to position your second.


What concerns you the most? Your job, hobby, or just worried in general?

More often than not, I would totally agree with @Devilclarke, but I may stand alone on this instance of advice.
Not a bad thing, because
“When two people always agree, one of them is unnecessary”

As this is conflicting information, it is not going to help your decision making, so sorry about that.
I just thought you may want to hear another option.

If you get 2 installed in the same location (Thenar space, Position 0) on the same day, still do as Devil suggested and Amal posted below

(To be clear that specific quote was Amals advice to somebody that already had an implant and was looking at getting another alongside it, but the advice would be the same for both options)

THEN you will want to put a splint (match, tooth pick etc) between the 2 and tape it down TIGHT.
This will help keep the 2 implants well separated and also help prevent rotation/ migration.

The further benefits of the 2 in one session are.

  • It MAY be cheaper from your piercer.
  • One appointment = time saving, less logistics etc
  • Healing time ~halved
  • In my opinion, easier for the piercer to see/feel where they will end up.

At the end of the day, we can only give you advice from what we would do or have done, plus anecdotal information from others.
If you decide to install in different sessions, just make sure you plan for it. ie. leave enough space for everything to fit where you wan’t it, and still use a splint/corral tape down method to prevent migration whilst it heals.

People have done both methods successfully, So in reality it is up to you and you piercer to decide what you are comfortable with…
either way good luck and keep us “in the loop”

Actually I have presumed here, you are talking about installing 2 implants parallel to each other, and you could be talking about end on end…
I’m sure it has been done / tried before but there is not a lot of info.

My guess would be sharing the same insertion tunnel would be a double edged sword, easy to the 2nd on in, one hole for healing… but also the risk of migration toward each other would be far greater.
you would likely need a larger gap to separate and would definitely still want a splint between the 2 during healing / encapsulation.
Anyway, thats just my guess


Typically migration occurs along the length, or rotationally… not horizontally. If you’re really concerned I would do as @Devilclarke suggested… install the NExT first near the index metacarpal, then wait 2-4 weeks, then install the xLED at least 5mm away from the NExT, toward the thumb metacarpal… that way if the NExT turns on you, you can plan your xLED better… or if the xLED turns, you can possibly take measures and construct a split between the NExT and xLED so it can’t turn into / over the NExT.

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For a 4th opinion nobody asked for, I figured I’d jump in!

I got both put in the same day by a very skilled piercer. More than 5mm apart, no splinting to keep separated, and both in through the same flesh wound, just on different angles to make separate tunnels.

With the right professional, it was a non issue for my anatomy and how my body heals.