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Do you have access to a strong rare earth magnet? The ferrite core in the implant might just be tugged on enough for you to feel it. Especially if you’re moving the magnet back and forth over the implant.

Just tried and no sensation, but the magnet does stick where the implant is, then I can hold my hand upside down and it won’t fall off.

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I do not but i can get one :smiley: gonna give that a try.
Thank you

Man amazon has so many magnets any suggestions on a brand? I was looking at the one listed below but i was thinking 1/2 inch would be better?

Mine is small. Maybe 3/8" diameter x 1/8" thick? Go bigger and you might have too much weight for it to hold.

You can probably find a decent selection in a Walmart in the craft section. Probably quicker too.

Or Hobby / Craft stores.
Or Home Improvement stores.

Whoa, just looked at the Amazon listing. That’s crazy big. Go much much smaller.

Alrighty i will check out walmart :smiley:

Thanks for your help

just be sure to get a neodymium magnet … the brown/black type used for cheap fridge magnets are alnico and have a really bad field strength to mass ratio and will have a hard time sticking.

Sure thing :smiley: Thank you

Thankfully I sort of see my DT glass implants when I make a “power fist”. They’re not coated, so they freely went into hiding soon after implantation. But if the thenar muscles push them out of their foxhole, they’re visible.

Same thing for the one in my foot: it’s taken a bit of a hike too (yes, I do have to make a sort “power foot” to see it :slight_smile:)

As for the FlexM1, surprisingly, this one is the most inivisible of all. I know exactly where it is and it has nowhere to go, behind constrained on all 4 sides by two metacarpals and two ligaments. It’s not like I’m wondering if it has shifted. But it’s properly invisible, and it takes a lot of effort to make it push up the skin and reveal itself.

The one I worry about most is the flexNExT: it’s so easy to lose these things…


I checked my chips. The one I have where your Sparks are seems to be a tricky location to light up. I have laser pointer (the cat entertainer) with white LED in it.

I can see my FlexNT with it, but with the other implant I really have to dive it between the thump/index finger webbing to see the chip. Edit: and I’m a skinny guy.

Magnet must be your bests option then.


Any Update? Were you able to find it?

Apologies on the delay i was having some issues with the viviokey app and logging into the forums :smiley: So i did find it my DR said he could do an Xray at cost so i went that direction.

My next question how close to the bone can this be without issue? Its pretty close.

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I believe the official answer is 5mm, that being said I’m pretty sure several people have implants that break that threshold and haven’t reported any issues yet, so I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s bothering you, but hopefully someone more informed than me will reply with better info soon


How about Amal?

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ok i should be good its not bothering me just wanted to make sure :smiley: its right around the 3mm range from the bone. Thanks for all your help.

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Could you post the x-ray?


Yeah nice! I’ve lost my blue siid to the fatness of my hand. I can scan it reasonably well but I can no longer see it.

I can’t seem to find an X-ray place who will just let me pay to get a photo,

Ya you would have to give your doctor a reason like if it hurts or suspect that it may have broke or is to close to the bone to be safe.

My doc was cool i just told him hey i got implants and i want to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

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Not sure if you saw the uploads @amal :smiley:

Yeah this should be ok… it’s a bit close but it’s on the inside of the bone any impact will drive it away… you should be fine :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley: