Implanting in Chicago

Does anyone know of a place to get an implant in the Chicago area? If not, any neighboring cities or areas that might work? I’ve already looked at the map and guide but a decent amount of places in the area seem to have a no outside jewelry policy, so I’m guessing that there’s not going to be any luck with those. Also, does anyone have any info on laws about getting implants, whether in the area or not? Thanks!

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That’s usually for $ reasons over safety reasons, but also safety reasons… like, if they put some crap jewelry in you that you bring to them, 1) they don’t get paid for the jewelry, and 2) they have to deal with your lame ass coming to them about problems caused by the crap jewelry you brought to them.

In the case of implants, 1) they can’t sell you this anyway because they don’t have it, and 2) if you follow the guide and go in to talk with them, be sure to mention that we (Dangerous Things) do all customer support, and 3) offer to add an additional line to their service waiver that states you will not contact them for problems related to placement of the “jewelry”… they probably / should already have lines in there about holding them harmless for such things, but offering not to burden them with ongoing support due to placement issues is probably what they are interested in avoiding - if they are hassling you about this being “outside jewelry”.

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This is the guide Amal is refering to…( I’m pretty sure, I think, I guess. I hope :crossed_fingers: )