Incarceration and Implants

Topic randomly popped into my head today…but what would happen if you had implants and ended up incarcerated? Would they just be documented similar to how tattoos are? Would you be forced to have them removed?

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Only in exceptional circumstances could you be forced to remove them. They would want to document them but probably the best thing to do would be to keep quiet about them as long as there not visible.


Oh, for sure!

It will be interesting to see the first cases of implants being involved in legal/criminal battles. I don’t believe that there have been any cases of implant owners being compelled to give up the data on them if say, for example, the implant was used to unlock their computer. At that point the court/justice system would already know of them and there’d be no chance of keeping quite.

It would be interesting as it would probably be seen a personal device similar to an encrypted usb stick or mobile phone. What’s the law on those can they compel you to unlock them?

I believe you can’t be compelled to unlock devices or provide keys as it’s a form of self incrimination.


I take that back. Looks like it’s a mixed bag

It would take some real understanding from prison/jail administration on what implants can and cannot do. I can see a situation where an implant could be seen as an “unapproved technological device” and a “hacking” concern being raised surrounding it mostly due to a lack of understanding in how it works. Similar to how they thought Mitnick could launch nukes from a phone.

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No doubt

Why even disclose them? I doubt they’d even know you had them. Probably safer too if nobody knew you had them… particularly if the general population thought they held some kind of value (like Bitcoin keys).

I wouldn’t disclose them but if disclosure were to happen involuntarily. Either through court proceedings or someone somehow took notice.

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Don’t they do a physical exam? Or an X-Ray eventually?
My 2 implants (between thumbs and index fingers) can be seen on both hands.

I would be super surprised if this was the case for anything but super-max prisons… so like, probably not getting a full body x-ray for non-violent offenses… probably not even for murder… probably only for things like serial killers or psychopath mass murderers… and still, I’d be surprised.

kinda off-topic but that reminds me of Albert Fish’s pelvic x-ray :woozy_face:

Thats a lot of “implants” :zipper_mouth_face: