Inductive blinky kit

I’ve seen this for lighting up toy models etc. but never at this price… @RyuuzakiJulio sent me this post on Instagram;

Comes in small and large coil varieties…

I’m curious if @Azflyer has seen these? He sent me some he made himself by hand awhile for evaluation but I never did them any justice unfortunately… still gotta ship those to @Satur9 actually… damn I’m so far behind on so many things :confused:


I saw those pop up on foreign sales sites … Wondering if we could do a bracelet with external battery …
I may get a set to see what we can do with them …

Edit 1:
Here the one I have in my cart:

Edit 2:
Well … For $10.56 all in, I got a set … I’ll let you guys know in 6 month how it works :sweat_smile:


I was thinking more like a necklace under the shirt and face implants on the temples haha MR. ROBOTO


I wasn’t thinking of that :thinking:
Not for me, but I like the idea …

Hoping to power up the 5v one with a small lipo battery or a USB power bank … 24v would be slightly more challenging …


Is there a way to get cheap blinks for testing or would"NFC fingernails" would be the best bet?

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Yes I have played around with some of these while making mine… They are cool and well made but they are HUGE (in implant standards :sweat_smile:) and most of them are tuned around 180kHz.
Here is one next to what I make:

The range on these is great but also not unexpected with a high power emitter and a big inductor.
Just to play around I made some 180kHz LEDs in my formats and they performed about the same as a HF one with a reader if not worse.

Sadly there’s not enough range for this even with the big ones unless you make the emitter stronger and then where do you carry the batteries :joy:


Here is another very bright one, again huge, more coin shaped but huge.


So can the led implant ligth up whit this or they will “burn”

Yes they can, they do not heat up significantly. The tech is exactly the same as the existing xleds, it’s just in a different shape :wink: If all goes well the ones I sent Amal might be a smaller option with slightly better efficiency!

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But does ist work with the "xSIID + LED implant

Not sure what you mean but the two work in the same way, the ones we talk about here only have an LED, no nfc tag. Do they work side by side? yes

Yes im talking about the one with the nfc (the other one is just in red and white)

It’s low frequency though, so it won’t work with the xSIID or the HF xLED

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Can i make one with a higher frequency (will it work)

Yup, check out the power accessories thread

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I mean, you can do anything with time and money :sweat_smile:

I got a set to mess with, also gonna make mi own from scratch …

If those are not usable, I’ll make a cool toy for the kids out of it :grin: