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I might be wrong here, but wasn’t there a kind of “shielding” option? Especially with magnets in the fingers, wouldn’t it be possible to somehow “block” the MRI in that area?

I have obviously no clue about that, but I think I read it somewhere… maybe even here^^

Nope… not really an option. You can shield against the RF electric field generated by the MRI machine… and that’s typically only done in the walls of the MRI room. I think you might be able to make use of eddy currents induced into metal plating to try to reduce the magnetic field propagation, but that would also affect the MRI field inside the machine and so prob not what’s wanted… plus it would get really really hot doing that.

They have mu metal shields for people who have shrapnel in their body. They preferentially direct the magnetic field through them and away from your body. They either don’t have them or refuse to use them at most places. Rarely would it not be easier to just do a CT scan

Yeah, that was what I read about! I mean, there are lots of people with some sorts of metal inside their bodies… okay, most of it today is titanium, which should be MRI-safe. But especially shrapnels are usually not made of titanium^^

It’s important to note that most “titanium implants” are not actually pure titanium but alloys, and some of those additional elements can have magnetic properties.

The Titan however does use pure elemental titanium… in the shell anyway. The magnet inside kinda makes it a moot point in the context of this thread :slight_smile:


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Take in your ranks - cyborgs!)) Finally, I installed my NExT.! :syringe:
I have a relatively low pain threshold so I didn’t use any pain medication prior to insertion. The procedure for installing the implant turned out to be less painful than I expected.
The installation was carried out by a professional body modifier, in a “tattoo & piercing salon”
After ~2.5 days, the patch began to peel off (on the folds of the skin - between the index finger and thumb), so I replaced it with a new patch. On day 4, I removed all the bandages, and there is now a small healing point at the site of the needle puncture.
There is no swelling of the hand at all. The implant is perfectly readable by a smartphone, and now I’m experimenting with tag records with might and main!

“Dangerousthings” the best! :+1:


Where do you live? I wanna come and see you to do it when I get another one. That was smooth as hell!

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My first implant (NExT) :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


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BeUno in March 2022


Check out @johnrossswitz on Instagram! View his story in the next 24 hours to see the install! I’ll also post it here later on.


Walletmor installation:

xG3 after installation (no pic during):


xG3 v2 Install


That is a nice and clean install.


JR (Mean Street Tattoos) does a fantastic job. I highly recommend. He had his own numbing agent on hand and offered it to me before starting, and had a machine to sanitize the 5mm (4G) Flex Install Needle.

This is the flexClass install:


Self installed my xG3v2 tonight. Tried the knifes edge, but just couldn’t poke through my skin there enough and it came out. So I reloaded and went for P1 and it worked! :smiley:

Edit: I know it’s not sanitary but I live alone, and it feels soooo nice after install XD


NExT :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


A little over 48 hours now.