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I’ve already got an NExT under there but I might add a white field detector
I’m getting an apex mega spectrum in my forearm,and I’ll do a unicorn with the horn right over the LED


My friend getting a fingertip Titan in

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Couldn’t find a good place to post this xG3 tragus removal. Seems either almost no one gets things removed, or if they do no one reports on it. This is just a fun little quirky video. No recommendations


Is that you? If so, I hope that the Bell’s Palsy that you mentioned in the video description gets better soon.

Also, was it a side effect of one of the covid vaccines or something else entirely?

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Haha what? Where did you hear that?

Some people were experiencing Bell’s palsy from covid for short periods of time at the beginning of the pandemic, but the mechanism of action for the vaccines is different. It doesn’t produce hostile virus particles that would attack your epithelial cells, just the immunological reaction.

Mine wasn’t covid related. Because of where I live it could have been Lyme’s disease, but we eliminated that possibility. That just leaves some kind of herpes inhabiting the nerve cells. Honestly doctors know very little about Bell’s Palsy. They know it can’t be treated, and that’s all anyone needs to know because it’s not profitable to do anything else.

It’s been 3 months for me, and the neurologist said to expect 6-9 months (if that even means anything). Upside, when it lasts 6 months I’ll finally get that MRI with a fingertip Titan installed that I’ve been after. My left side of my body is fucked anyway from psoriatic arthritis, so I expect this kind of bullshit. Looks like in addition to replacing my left arm and leg with bionics, I’ll also need to develop a face mirroring electrode array to get my expressions back and stave off atrophy.


Heard about it after a family member ended up in the ER shortly after the third shot. He recovered fully after a few hours but we all though he had suffered from a stroke at first. From my understanding, it’s one of the rare side effects but I still have to read the published scientific research about this.

Thankfully, I’ve never had any adverse reactions to vaccines. But I got the covid one a bit late because I was very depressed. Ironically, the nurse asked me if I was afraid of chip implants or something… :man_facepalming:t2:

I want to replace my entire body with bionics… I hope that this will be possible Soon™.


Why’d you get it out? Too sensitive? Not useful enough? Or an MRI?

I wanted to replace my xG3 v1 with an xG3 v2 for my tragus monophone experiments. This will have been the 4th magnet in that ear. No pain no gain.

I’m not afraid of an MRI. I’m actually looking forward to my next chance to get one with a fingertip magnet in so I can record it


smuggles the phone to record and the fingermagnet in mri room


This has been my dilemma.

I have 2 titans that need to be put in me. I am also arguing with the VA as to if they will MRI me, because of the chips.

They said they would prefer I take them out for the scan, or they want to do a needle guided CT of my spine.

I’m so over waiting, part of me wants to put them in and just hope they don’t fly out.


I might be wrong here, but wasn’t there a kind of “shielding” option? Especially with magnets in the fingers, wouldn’t it be possible to somehow “block” the MRI in that area?

I have obviously no clue about that, but I think I read it somewhere… maybe even here^^

Nope… not really an option. You can shield against the RF electric field generated by the MRI machine… and that’s typically only done in the walls of the MRI room. I think you might be able to make use of eddy currents induced into metal plating to try to reduce the magnetic field propagation, but that would also affect the MRI field inside the machine and so prob not what’s wanted… plus it would get really really hot doing that.

They have mu metal shields for people who have shrapnel in their body. They preferentially direct the magnetic field through them and away from your body. They either don’t have them or refuse to use them at most places. Rarely would it not be easier to just do a CT scan

Yeah, that was what I read about! I mean, there are lots of people with some sorts of metal inside their bodies… okay, most of it today is titanium, which should be MRI-safe. But especially shrapnels are usually not made of titanium^^

It’s important to note that most “titanium implants” are not actually pure titanium but alloys, and some of those additional elements can have magnetic properties.

The Titan however does use pure elemental titanium… in the shell anyway. The magnet inside kinda makes it a moot point in the context of this thread :slight_smile:


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Take in your ranks - cyborgs!)) Finally, I installed my NExT.! :syringe:
I have a relatively low pain threshold so I didn’t use any pain medication prior to insertion. The procedure for installing the implant turned out to be less painful than I expected.
The installation was carried out by a professional body modifier, in a “tattoo & piercing salon”
After ~2.5 days, the patch began to peel off (on the folds of the skin - between the index finger and thumb), so I replaced it with a new patch. On day 4, I removed all the bandages, and there is now a small healing point at the site of the needle puncture.
There is no swelling of the hand at all. The implant is perfectly readable by a smartphone, and now I’m experimenting with tag records with might and main!

“Dangerousthings” the best! :+1:


Where do you live? I wanna come and see you to do it when I get another one. That was smooth as hell!

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My first implant (NExT) :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: