Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

I think you just need to be logged into YouTube…

Weird, all works now. Maybe it was still processing or something. I didn’t change anything.

i had to remove age restrictions and mark it unlisted

Well, my plan to record the xMagic install didn’t go quite as planned, but the install did! :classic_grin:
My vein going across the first metacarpal to the second metacarpal is quite big, was a little worried I might nick it, thankfully my friend was able to tent to skin really well for me! She was creeped out but loved it lol

And thank you Amal! Can’t wait to harness the power of Magic!


Another one:


Thought I’d share my P3 Apex. It is directly on top of a vein, but my installer did a great job avoiding it with the flex needle and there have been no complications. There was some initial discomfort closing/opening the hand, but that slowly subsided over a couple weeks.

If you think there is enough room between your metacarpals I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend P3 for the Apex or similar form factors. I was planning on installing in my arm, but just a few days before the install I decided to go with the back of hand and have absolutely no regrets.

I wasn’t permitted to film to installation, so here are some photos at different stages of healing:

24 Hours

8 Days

48 Days


Good clean job. Looks great.

xSIID L0 self-install from this past Halloween; my first such implant. Healing was a breeze—no bleeding, no swelling; very pleased.


xEM installed by a professional, everything went smoothly, pain was minimal, implant was readable and writable right away, even with the normal swelling+ band aid.

I also got an xSIID installed on my other hand that same day. Didn’t included the recording of it cause the camera angle wasn’t nice.


Congrats on the new upgrades!


Hi everyone! Had my Apex flex installed last Sunday. Everything went super smooth. I was lucky enough to be getting consistent scans 3 days into healing. Thanks to Ryan Barden. :pray:

After day 1 and 2:

Day 4:


Congrats on the install!

Is it as swollen as it looks to me?

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Thanks @Mrln :melting_face:

It was a bit swollen the first 2 days but it wasn’t swollen enough that it felt tight flexing my hand and I had ZERO pain.

I just took this pic from a different angle so you can see what it looks like right now.

Day 5:

I have skinny wizard hands. Much of that is actually the implant.


Good lube application !



My favorite part… :mechanical_arm:


Got stabbed with my apex this past Friday finally.

The sunday (day 2 I if install is day 0)

While I had gauze and bandages off, i was able to get a read with my phone (no case, against skin). With a case or bandage on top my phone cant find it but im sure that still has plenty of time to improve. In the meantime Ive gotten a random hid reader to beep at it, my friend has read it with a flipper, and my acr122u can get it pretty consistently

My dad wasnt excited to do it and it probably wansnt the absolute ideal install but he would rather do it himslef than have me look around for a piercer or tatto shop that would be willing. (and there are no partnered installers verry close to me)
He is the head athletic trainer at my college and had a couple of the sports team physicians supervising just in case. Overall, it seemed to go decently well and its feeling pretty good.


Nice! Did he hit a vein? I only had a drop or two of blood on mine.

Good question. I don’t remember much blood at all from my NExT install long ago if any but this one just started flowing once the big needle came out. After a bit of pressure it calmed down but still, quite different.

Then again the needle is a bit different to an x series as well…

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:joy::metal: Just slightly.

If he did you’d probably know pretty quick from the blood pooling during healing.