Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

I really love how his tattoos are slightly visible through the gloves :smile:
Ah, I’m almost a bit jealous… need to get something done again as well!


XBT “style” self install.

I sourced a Temperature chip that is not necessarily the XBT and self installed in my left upper arm. Self install was easy using a long strip of surgical tape folded over and held out by the same arm to tent the skin. using my dominant hand i performed the install. No issues with install, went great. needle guage didnt seem nearly as intimidating as the Xmagic.


2 self installs within a week.

Xg3 in left ring finger.

Will take a bit to process but it is currently uploading.

install went great, no issues, other than the expected force needed to fully insert the needle, it was definately more than i had anticipated. no blood, no vasovagal response. i started to feel a wee bit off once the full tip of the needle went in. i began tensing my legs and feet and as i was pushing it through the feeling went away and i kind of forgot to keep tensing.

its now 2am in detroit time. my infant camera was runnign so youll hear the guy grunt and groan a few times. other than that everything went as expected.


The video is private

I think you just need to be logged into YouTube…

Weird, all works now. Maybe it was still processing or something. I didn’t change anything.

i had to remove age restrictions and mark it unlisted

Well, my plan to record the xMagic install didn’t go quite as planned, but the install did! :classic_grin:
My vein going across the first metacarpal to the second metacarpal is quite big, was a little worried I might nick it, thankfully my friend was able to tent to skin really well for me! She was creeped out but loved it lol

And thank you Amal! Can’t wait to harness the power of Magic!


Another one:


Thought I’d share my P3 Apex. It is directly on top of a vein, but my installer did a great job avoiding it with the flex needle and there have been no complications. There was some initial discomfort closing/opening the hand, but that slowly subsided over a couple weeks.

If you think there is enough room between your metacarpals I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend P3 for the Apex or similar form factors. I was planning on installing in my arm, but just a few days before the install I decided to go with the back of hand and have absolutely no regrets.

I wasn’t permitted to film to installation, so here are some photos at different stages of healing:

24 Hours

8 Days

48 Days


Good clean job. Looks great.

xSIID L0 self-install from this past Halloween; my first such implant. Healing was a breeze—no bleeding, no swelling; very pleased.


xEM installed by a professional, everything went smoothly, pain was minimal, implant was readable and writable right away, even with the normal swelling+ band aid.

I also got an xSIID installed on my other hand that same day. Didn’t included the recording of it cause the camera angle wasn’t nice.


Congrats on the new upgrades!