Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Aah, is that the reason it wasn’t bleeding?
Anyways, :+1: Atilla thinks it was a decent job.


I think it was because of the Shock (dont know if it is called so in english)

Maybe other self installers can tell if they also had really few bleedings^


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Pure wrist payment conversion,
No lido or pain management, like a 6/10 until it broke thru then it was like a 2/10

In retrospect should have gone deeper according to Amal, oh well live and learn


we need a thread of just bloody accidents or installs that just got too messy - might be an idea for the supporters only :smiley:

i honestly would love to look at peoples ‘gore’ to make me feel better about how bad mine are at the end.

I always feel like im doing a crime scene clean up.


One more! =D


I needed to something to keep my head busy - so i took the v2 vid and zoomed it a bit so you can see better what i was doing xD

insert nsfw install blood whatever warning here.


main cam had full storage and didnt record :frowning:

now there is just the webcam footage

Okay, i got some sleep and now im able to give some more details :slight_smile:

It was a Bevel Down job, done without lidocaine injection.


I hardly felt anything! the pliers on the skin were the bigger discomfort then the needle going in - i was also surprised how small the needle is :upside_down_face:

DIRECT after the installation i was able to get constant reads and see the light!

In the beginning it was green, then it was red for like 15 min and then it went green again.

My goal was to bring it as close to the dermal layers as possible, so i can get good reads - and i think i have succeed - now i need to play the Waiting game to see if it is too close to the skin :pleading_face:

I do not recommend self installation, get it done by a trained Installer!

Did they let u keep the g3 or did u have to send it back?

They left it with me. Probably a good idea not to take returns on stuff that stuff gets stuck into you.

Oooooooo I thought u were saying they just sent u the wrong implant. I’m assuming you didn’t realize it was the wrong one until after the install? :joy::joy::joy:

Nope I realized when I looked at it. It was not the right thing in the box.

Did u end up installing it anyways?

I had my xG3 installed Saturday evening. It was installed in my left hand knife edge. My experience was mostly painless with no anesthetic. The process was recorded, but I’m uncertain on posting that. Here’s some pictures of the needle in and the site 12 hours later.


I made a post earlier but I see this is up now so probably better to post here Implanting NExT chip - YouTube

Post away buddy, that’s what this is here for.


please post the vid, if you can!! knife edge footage is super rare for some reason and it’ll be great to have as reference for other people’s installs.


Firstly I’m no expert, and the install looked like it went fine.
Just a couple of observations / suggestions for next time.

Palpate the area beforehand

Pinch and tent the skin whilst rolling skin between fingertips , you should be able to feel if there are any veins within the “tent”.

I could see in your video that it looked like there were 2 tents pitched. The pinch and roll would have eliminated that plus it would reduce the chance of piercing something you shouldn’t…

again, not an expert.
And it looked like everything went well.
so congrats and


and thanks for the share


Here’s the video. I trimmed it a bit to make it a smaller file size. I am not very file sharing savvy, but I think I retained all the important bits.

After this relatively painless install, I jumped all over the xSIID sale. I ordered a red, white, and blue. I showed the installer information about the Titan I had ordered and explained I wanted it on the side of my ring finger on my right hand. He said he would be willing to try it. He has never installed a Titan before. I hope to get a xSIID in both hands and a Titan in the finger with the next visit.


Yeah I had a feeling we forgot to do something. I can’t say I’m surprised we forgot it but at least it went pretty well. Actually just got full size x-rays today. Will be uploading those

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xLED installed on right hand with a NExT about 2mm away.

Spark 2 installed on knife edge and M1 in position 1 on my left hand as well.