The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Done and done

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Does anyone have recommendations for faraday gloves? I can only find them on etsy with no size listing

Sounds like somebody is going to DefCon…

have you checked out?

You wont find what you are after, but you may get some ideas

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So general consensus is faraday gloves wont help me and I need to buy some parylux film :smile: :+1:


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Last night I just finished watching

Which took place in Oregon, I had never even heard about that commune before seeing it on Netflix.
I found it quite interesting, they did some impressive things and it took some very odd turns along the way…
If you are interested in commune / cult following documentaries, I would recommend it as a watch.
6 episodes of around an hour each

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I appreciate that you lichen it to a shipwreck

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Moss we have all these puns? I’m just trying to have some fun, guy!


Yeah, my old work got one recently. One thing I miss about that place. I’d bash in 3 espressos and a frothy milk latte of a morning.

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not to shit in your sunshine or eut amal buuuuuuut needs more cropping

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just thought i’d throw this up there since, if memory serves, someone talked about making rfid earrings but cant remember if they wanted them readable or just for blinkies.

Got a stack of 10 on banggood a while back becasue I grabbed some T5577 cards to mes with and these were about 3 euro for a small pack of 10.


Just thought there were interesting so I grabbed them.


i left that there as a filter to find the truly pedantic among us… you’ve been seen my friend :slight_smile:


Forgot to add the Link in case anyone wanted to grab them,

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Been talking to a girl for a couple weeks now. Everything going well. We were actually on the phone trying to work out a first date on her birthday next weekend. During the conversation, my implant came up, and she came to a dead stop.

Mark of the beast.
Goverment tracking.
Evil technology.
Can’t you take it out?
Etc, Etc. All the panicked cliches.

Then she quick exscused herself, and I got a text a little later that was pretty clear she was out.

I don’t know if I’m the first guy to get cock blocked by a (delusional) implant, but it was sure some experience. The extreme whiplash was what got me.

Yeah, I’m better off, but it sure would’ve been nice to have a warm and fuzzy kind of friend in my life.

Maybe we need a cyborg dating section of the forum. :thinking: :heart_eyes: :robot: :vault_boy_thumbs_up:


If you are interested in the book


I saw two different news broadcasts on a CEO getting a microchip in his hand. And then the employees were next. The phrase they used on the local news at 6:00 was, the C.E.O is leading the way. “They are starting today at the top of this company starting with the C.E.O, of the company, leading the way” The blind leading the blind. I say, well, I know my Bible, and it says to let them take off your head before receiving the mark 666 in your hand. And don’t let any man deceive you by any means. Well, I felt I had to get a warning out, because let’s face it, not everyone reads the Bible. And I also know how sly the old devil is. So these are my words: Don’t take the chip. Get yourself in a good Bible-preaching church. Get ready, stay ready, things are wrapping up according to prophecies.

Yeah, …um, Hard Pass.


I can’t believe I almost missed this opportunity!


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