Installation options around Boston

Hi, I’ve been really interested in getting an implant, but I’ve run into a minor issue of installer availability. I know of Jay in the area, I’ve been in contact with his place but it seems that their next availability would be in April 2024. Is there anyone else relatively within the area, or at least close enough that a train ride/drive wouldn’t feel too exhausting? Or should I just suck it up and go with them or try and find somewhere further away and just stay the night?

I guess the most basic question to start is - where are you? You didn’t mention a location?

I figured saying it in the title would be good enough, but to rephrase. I’m in the main Boston, MA area, the closest to me was Jay at Elegance Piercing, I’m just looking to see if anyone knows of some alternatives.

Nope. I can’t read, so there’s the fault in your plan :slight_smile:


There are alternatives if you can’t find any piercing partners on the map.
I also checked and it only shows Jay also from known piercers

I would recommend you take the information from below to approach ANY local piercers in your area, maybe printed out and take it in person. Rather than trying to explain over the phone.

If you have your implant, take it with you. It will be good for them to see the professional package plus if you’re lucky it’s only a quick job, they might be able to squeeze you in.


Here is a VERY informative FAQ about x-Series implants, some of which is covered below. But it is recommend you read these FAQs.
There are piercing partners but if there is none near you any body piercer should be able to implant this for you.

A doctor, nurse or medic would be able to but they will likely take more convincing…

A self or assisted install is possible,
The following links that will make this very clear that it is easy to do

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

How to approach a professional DT Info

What are the options you are considering?
do you need help choosing?
do you know what you want to use it for?

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