Installation process?

I’ve been interested in getting an RFID implant for a while and it’s only now that I’m really looking into it and need some help with the installation process.

I’m from the UK, so I’ll most likely get something from BioTeq (looking at the RFID bioglass implant kit), but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to get it under the skin? I’ve heard people going to piercing shops and getting it done, or I could get it done by BioTeq themselves (which would cost me around £200 more)

I’d totally be up for doing it myself, if it wasn’t for the fact that I hate needles (even though I hve a h+ tattoo, go figure).

Really I’m just looking for advice and opinions on what insertation methods are best! Thank you :blush:

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There is a documented process for the actual installation under the skin. Typically body mod shops are where you would get it installed as they already have knowledge on aseptic procedures. If you are looking for an installer, check out the DT partner map.

If there are no partners in your area, check out this guide to approaching a professional about doing it.

And since you are on the Dangerous Things site, you can also buy your implant from them (Or their EU distributor

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You can go to Eastbourne - Sacred Gallow - A Dangerous Things Partner. I got there my flexDF and the xBT.

I was in october in Hamburg - visiting Patrick. A friend got also a chipimplant - she is also afraid of needles. You don’t need to look.

200 Pounds is too much :frowning:


Hello @Cybikitty,

Nice to see more UK based people getting onboard!

I would recommend the xEM kit by (DT) dangerous things. Both DT and KSEC have UK based partnermaps for installers.

@turbo2ltr has already sent the link for the DT one and @JennyMcLane has mentioned about sacred gallows.

KSEC are a UK based resale/ distribution of A whole range of DT kit and Sacred gallows is our Eastbourne based partner.

We’re launching our new site and online store soon but if Eastbourne suits you for a location we offer individual implants and Installations of we have our own KSEC Cyborg packages.

The current RFID Including the xEM Implant are the following,

RFID Enabled Cyborg £121.50 (£22.50 Savings inc)

  • xEM Implant & Installation
  • 125Khz xLED Field Tester

Advanced RFID Access Cyborg £161.49 (£27.49 Savings inc)

  • xEM Implant & Installation
  • xEM Access controller
  • 125Khz xLED Field Tester
  • DT Diagnostics card

Feel free to check out KSEC and what else we offer