Installer in Sydney Australia

Hi all I’m new here, 1st post…saw the BBC story on the bio hacking and found this site.

At the moment I’m just thinking magnets or blinkies or both :crazy_face:.

Have been in touch with the installer listed here but just wondering if anyone knows of any others around Sydney?

Thanks for any help and look forward to meeting everyone and gaining as much knowledge as I can.

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@RaptorJeebus @DonFire

:speaking_head::speaking_head: CALLING THE CAVALRY


you probably also want to read this, just for some more accurate learnings from that article.

And this for even more info

Any questions, just ask

Hehehehehe, @Pilgrimsmaster best us as usual.

Unfortunately as far as I know, really the only install in Sydney is Joeltron when he’s in NSW rather than at his other shop, but he hasn’t been doing as much since the Dr Evil incident.

If you are willing to travel, there are multiple installers down in Melbourne (Piercing HQ, Piercing Urge, and one other IIRC), or there is one willing to do needle installs only up here in Brisbane (The Piercing Shop Brisbane).

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Thanks for that👍

I’ve sent him an email, just waiting for his reply.

I’ve seen there’s a few in Brisbane/Melbourne but probably not possible for me at the moment, but we’ll see🙏

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joels a legend, very knowledgeable