Installers in California

A tattoo artist in Santa Barbara just gave me a list of people he knows in the area who are reputable and would install xseries. I thought I would post it here in case someone needs the information


This might be good for your updated map project.

Obviously, you need more information than just a name, and it shouldn’t be your burden to bear especially since you are doing all the mapping work, maybe the community chip in to help to share the load!?

Maybe for the interim a Map pin in Santa Barbara for the other names.

above and beyond body arts
407 State St FL#2, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States

I grabbed Chase Campbells Instagram handle

and Linkedin
although it may be out of date as it says “South Charleston, West Virginia, United States”
I didn’t have much time, so have yet to find a physical address.

I wonder if they all work out of that studio :man_shrugging:

Just to clarify above and beyond does NOT do installs, the names written down in pen DO according to the guy from the above and beyond

Thet don’t. They are from different studios in different places (mostly California).

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Full disclosure: i had to hit pause on the map again. Buuut, this brings up an issue that has been bothering me: more than a few installers don’t want to be listed publicly. Listing other people can create a less than ideal situation with regards to this. Ideally, you should only be listing yourself or a moderator could be listing others, i suppose. That being said, it’s not my place to dictate the criteria of a project I took up. I’m just expressing a concern :sweat_smile:

I’m in California and looking for installers in the San Diego region. If they’re not publicly-listed, how am I supposed to find them? :sweat_smile:

Through the secret underground biohacker channels.
Aka forum DMs after someone creates a post asking if there’s an installer near their location :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean like me, making advertisement for my bodymodder in any more or less fitting situation? :smile:


I went to Monkeys to Go in Fullerton (I live in LA and it was about 45 min away). Ryan did the install and it’s healing fine.

They are on the DT installer map I think.


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oh wow I go to school in Fullerton and have been looking for someone to do my next x series, thanks for the tip!

I ended up going with Body Exotic in San Jose. I’m very happy with the results. He took my old Vivokey Flex out and swapped in my Apex Flex.