Installers in Minnesota?

Im looking for someone to install a NExT, is anyone aware of an installer in Minnesota? I know there is a guy in Indiana, I also am aware that there is a law prohibiting the implantation of objects in Hennepin county by non-medical professionals.

Edit: Thank you!

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Looks like you have seen this post already

This was 2017, but worth a try

Do you do Social Media,

looks like you can find him on there,
Search results yielded



and Narcisstagram

but hopefully this is enough for you

Ian Bell . Body Piercer . @betterdaysbodyart. Text 1.320.761.1556 For Questions.

EDIT: You’re welcome

Oh, also this


I had my flex installed by a doctor friend of mine, who’ll be hopefully removing it soon (sorry for the delay @Amal!) due a failure.

I think @Backpackingvet has also done installs in the past, but don’t quote me on that.

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This is true. I live pretty close to the cities. I have an appointment at the VA soon too

To clarify, I’ve done several selfies, one other human, and one animal.

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Would you be down to help a brother out?

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Yeah, no problem.

Just shoot me a message.

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We haven’t seen @DrinkABeard for a few weeks…Any more installs on the horizon buddy?

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Sorry I have been radio silence. Still need to do my other implant and waiting for the next iteration too. Not rushing it though. Getting a lot of use out of my existing one. Using it for my garage and computer login


Mind if a fellow vet gets ahold of you as well?

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Sure, shoot me a PM.

Thanks for the heads up, I need to pick up my phone more often, or get a computer finally.

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Just reply here if you have any issues with PMing Backpackingvet.
I just checked your user level, and you should be fine,

Incase you need a how to:-