Installing Cassox double magnet

Hello everyone,

Recently I had a cassox double magnet implanted in my left arm.

Cassox designed a double magnet that has two held next to eachother in solid PMMA, but with opposing poles specifically to move more flesh and allow sensing in less nerve dense areas like the arm.

It is now healing but in a few weeks I will share my findings with you.

See here some pictures of the installation and the magnet itself :slight_smile:


Well this look horrifying.

I’m never one to be squeamish about shoving weird shit into my flesh, these do not look like a good time at all.

Here more pics of this crap.

from your picture of the magnets in the tube, you can already see the deterioration of the magnet. Looks like rust almost.

I’d recommended a tetanus shot, which will absolutely out last the life of this thing.

:man_shrugging:t2: these are by someone who is not afraid of pushing the limits of biohacking. They definitely have issues, and sure, they likely won’t last a lifetime but I believe Cassox is continuing to work on better coatings. I’m pretty sure even with PMMA there is a layer of dental resin over it all, which helps to fill in any tiny bubble holes and potentially prevents water ingress. The magnets are coated in titanium nitride too I believe, which causes the golden colour.

Someone’s gotta try shit, and tbh Cassox / members are some of the people who have tried a massive number of things, including keeping track of magnets failures in the community a few years ago, including the ill fated M31s.

Oh, and here’s what Cass has said about this batch - so yes, they can fail, but at least they were all tested somewhat, and he encourages people to get into contact with him if they do fail (if anyone is struggling to get onto him let me know):


@chipman I hope that your magnet heals well, and I look forward to seeing your findings regarding sensing capabilities with it :slight_smile:


Yet when I brought up someone who is genuinely trying to try shit, the pitchforks come out…

I mean there’s a difference between a guy putting magnets in silicone and testing them to the best of his ability.


IAR that seems to dropship from China and has a kinda spotty record for quality and customer service.

I’m not saying 1 is worse than the other or anyrhing this is just my opinion from what I have read and observed.

Just to add to that looking at the magnets there cool and most I would implant but if I saw what appears to be rust on the magnet prior to install I’d contact cassox he seems pretty approachable and looks like he would want to fix it.


Cassox sent me some of these to eval and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to endorse them or sell them on the site, but they aren’t total garbage either. As long as @chipman understands the risks and is willing to accept them, then I have no comment really.


ive not seen anything to substantiate this - dude was very forthcoming about what and how he MAKES each implant… the x-shine that i have installed, while much more dim than DT xLEDs works fine, no problems months later and does what it says.

in speaking with Sven - he is a lovely, intellegent fellow. he does take care in his implants, maybe not at DT level, but this scary crap from cassox looks like it was made in some dark alley.

to each their own, our bodies our choice.

now that all said, the science behind the horror seems intriguing… I would now like @amal to gimme a quote on a custom pair of xg3 v1’s in some DT magic juice so i can implant something i’d trust not to gimme gangrene.


Ok - looking into this and taking it for what it is, it appears I am overly assy here, my apologies to those I might have offended.

We need pioneers, I get it. I will stick with “that is a little too raw for my liking” and be done with it.


giphy (1)

That’s my view point as well (same with the PegLeg). Hell, I’m even a bit scared of getting my flex installed.

Someone has to do it though, and I have a lot of appreciation for those people. They make it easy for the rest of us to get a nice polished experience further down the line :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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My issue with the pegleg is that it really doesn’t seem all that useful. It doesn’t help that the project it is based on (piratebox) is dead and gone. Presumably because most people look at it and go “and?”

There was a version which came with a curated set of media pre-installed (library box?) but, again, it just didn’t survive.

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Even if it was more useful, I couldn’t imagine getting something of that size installed under my skin. Not only due to the lifestyle risks, but also the appearance. While I love Coma’s silicone power button, I could never get something like that installed either (or the silicone stars).

I love my glassies because, for the most part, they’re invisible. If I want to show them to someone, I can make a fist, pushing on the fleshy part of my palm, and they pop out. Otherwise, they’re essentially in stealth mode (although my NExT is definitely a bit more prominent). The flexM1 and the Apex (soon :tm:) should be a similar situation, albeit with a larger scar (I’ve got a few scars on my hands anyways, so that aspect doesn’t bother me).

I really enjoy anonymity in public at times, and any major aesthetic changes would threaten that ability.


In order to make it useful, you really need to add a battery. In which case you should not implant it. At that point you can replace it with something like the chip (no longer made afaik), or the chip pro which is even smaller, in a tiny custom case.

I fully understand you.
I currently have two FlexMT on the top of my hands, a payment chip on the side and now that experiment with that cassox magnet in my arm
I look at it more of, if I really want this I try to overcome that fear even though the implant might not have been so nice :slight_smile: You should know, I’m very scared of scalpels :stuck_out_tongue:

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What I was thinking about, the batteries used in pacemakers?
What about that ?

Good thinking, the easaiest answer is, to suggest to you to use the search function on the forum and type in Pacemaker, there are a bunch of conversations about them and their batteries

I’d rather use it as some sort of secure storage as you literally carry this in you.

I had one exactly like the one chipman got installed in my tragus for 5 months and it still looks fine under the microscope. I wanted to leave it in longer to give a better reckoning of the lifespan, but leumas95 convinced me to get it switched out for an xG3 v2 when he got his m31 installed so we could finally put the whole tragus monophone project to rest.

I understand if you’re hesitant because you expect consumer grade products, but biohacking is about testing the boundaries. These are at least 20x better than some of the first biomagnets people had installed 15 years ago. We’re spoiled by DT.


Honestly the only reason I haven’t gone about making my own pegleg is the size. If I could get it into a smaller form factor I would for sure get one.