iPhone Interference

Apparently, the new iPhone might impact pacemakers and RFID tags

“Another thing iPhone 12 users should be aware of when using MagSafe chargers: Avoid placing credit cards, security badges, passports or key FOBs between your phone and your MagSafe charger, as the magnets might damage magnetic strips or RFID chips in these items”

Already discussed here:

Well no wonder I couldn’t find a thread for it…

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Yeah, I have a love hate relationship with that thread… on one hand its great to have a place to talk about whatever, on the other it’s too hard to find stuff in it, and unless you’ve read through and keep up to date it’s very overwhelming


Yeah, while I’m a big supporter of Amal’s work, I’m not a regular here. Usually just come for specific things, and not daily discussion. But in any case, glad it was brought up.

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