Is a demagnetizer a risk to magnet implants?

I have a titan in my ring finger, and recently started working in a place that uses small demagnetizers on assembly lines. I may be required to use those soon, so I have to know beforehand :

  • Can those kill my titan ?
  • If so, can it revive my titan ?
  • How far do I have to keep my finger from the demagnetizer to avoid it’s effects ? It’s a small device, that kind of model

Can you test it with a cheap n52 magnet that has about the same size as the titan?

Then you will see if it looses it magnetism or not and how far you need to stay away from it

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I honestly never expected to laugh this hard this early… A quick google search pulled this ridiculously hilarious video.

Thankyou so much for this.


Yes Clive! I hadn’t seen this video of his and boy was that unexpected! Should I ever be in very close proximity to a degausser I now know what I might feel. Real cool that it doesn’t seem to be impacted. If I had to guess…

the demagnetizer is only strong enough to clear magnetic fields in metal components that aren’t supposed to be magnetic (maybe like a screw or screwdriver that got rubbed on a permanent magnet)

I tried it ! And it did just like with the video, it jumped a couple meters away, was surprising x)
I tried holding it, and it just vibrates, kinda like how my titan does when fondling a microwave oven.
The magnet didn’t seem to weaker than before, so I suppose @CoreySpondant was right :smiley:


I need to drop an @Az_F here, even though I’m sure he will see this thread soon enough; especially the BigClive video

@Jaeth If you weren’t aware, @Az_F has written an ebook about magnetic implants

This might make an addendum to his book


I’ve been playing around with the idea of updating it. The book is years old now and while magnets don’t change much there are a bunch of little things I’d like to add/change. Especially on the experimentation part, I think I’ve learned quite a bit since.


I laughed way too loudly when the magnet got flung, ngl