Is anyone familiar with iCard NFC fobs

Does anyone have any experience with the iCard NFC fobs (wearables)? Does anyone know if they can be cloned/implanted?

Looking on their website i saw this…

They can connect to any of your accounts in iCard and work around the world – anywhere contactless Mastercard is accepted.

My money is on non-cloneable standard MC security. Might be a conversion candidate though!

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Yeah cloning seemed too good to be true… I’ve looked all over their website but they don’t go into the technicalities of the wearable.
Might just order myself one to send to Amal and see if he can make something to shove under my skin.
They don’t say the wearables expire so maybe a longer term solution.
Just wanted to check if someone already went down this road before engaging.

I’d drop them an email regarding expiry, but gives me the impression that you can just relink it to new cards until they discontinue it (@Pilgrimsmaster is more of an expert in that :upside_down_face:)

EDIT: I don’t know why I bother tagging Pilgrim in things, we all know he’s gonna end up here anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If that were the case it would be a pretty good solution. Until credit card people get their heads out of their asses for Apex.


Possibly, It sounds like a great solution as long as your are happy with the security, fees and functionality etc.

I would also suggest you send one ( Or more ) to Amal, he would be able to tell you what is possible or not.

I’ll tell you what I can do though , I actually happen to have a VERY similar looking Public Transport tag
image image

I will see if I can get into it tomorrow and see what the “guts” look like and maybe work out an easy way for Amal open one up, I will let you know how I go :+1:


I’m only allowed to order one at a time but I will get on that and ship it to Amal, if needed I’ll report it lost and order another etc.
thanks for your input @Pilgrimsmaster

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I was in the same boat, Amal asked for a couple for contingency, but could only do One at a time, I was just lucky he was able to do a successful conversion on the first try, after my 2 “practice” ones

No problem

I have left it soaking in Acetone overnight, I’ll check on it tomorrow and let you know the results.

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:+1: good news

If the iCard is made from the same materials as my transport tag (looks like it visually) I THINK it should be a possible conversion for Amal.

I guess the deciding factor will be the antenna pF capacitance for your iCard

PROCESS (For Amals purposes)
I placed the tag in a glass and put in about 60ml of acetone, I covered with glad wrap (cerran wrap?) to stop the evaporation of the acetone.
It took a little longer than my payment one because of the laquer and the type of plastic on the outside, but it worked its way through the edges via capillary action and dissolved the laminate layers from within.
It took about a day soaking, but, like a nice tender lamb shank, The plastic just “fell off the bone”

Here are the photos

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send to me as-is and i will test. i need the antenna intact for my first test.

Ah yes, sorry I didn’t make that clear. (fixed)
The process was for Amal, I am not sure if he had done one in that fob encapsulation format before. but he probably has!
My testing above was for feasibility to find the best /easiest way for him to access the chip and antenna without damage, to save him time and you money.

I am working on another one at the moment, very different form factor that a few chemicals have had no affect so far

Hello, I already contacted iCard regarding the expiry date:

So good news for everybody, the expiration date can be set to 2099.
The reason why I contacted iCard is because my contactless payment keyfob is manufactured by LAKS (Key2pay MINI). Many others who also want contactless payment implants aren’t a customer of ABN AMRO, but LAKS also produces contactless payment keyfobs for other companies, such as iCard.
So if you order one, ask for the key2pay mini from LAKS because that one is sim card sized and easy to convert to implant for Amal.



Thanks for this info! I wouldn’t think of messing around with the fob itself but I’m sure it’s helpful for Amal. I’ll get on getting the account set up and ordering the fob to send over.


Awesome! I will write to them and as for a 2099 fob to send to Amal. This could be a pretty sweet payment solution if it works, and by the time it needs replacing we’ll all be riding around in flying cars or the aliens would’ve killed us all. Thank you for the info!


With all these payment installs not available on the states, I’m seriously looking at seeing if I can open up a bank account overseas so I can get one of these in me.

Could you update this if the 2099 thing is something they’ll do, or if it’s just a hypothetical?

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Me too :confused:

I have a icard that @amal converted from lakspay. And that was a desfire card.

naa, it only read as a desfire… it’s a smartcard running a standard javacard payment applet from mastercard. it also has desfire emulation turned on for no particular reason.

So, let’s see if I understand correctly here - because I’m a bit of a thickie when it comes to number of actors and who does what in the craptastic world of electronic payment:

  • LAKS Pay physically manufactures the fancy schmancy payment tags - as in, they grab a blank chip and encase it in some support.
  • iCards, ABN AMRO, KBC… program the LAKS Pay devices in their super-secret finance villain’s lairs. They decide which expiry date to program in the device.
  • Of the lot, only iCards agrees to set the expiry date far enough in the future that it’s as good as non-expiring.
  • Amal could very well send a suitable blank implant directly to iCards for programming, but we have to go through the ridiculous rigmarole of ordering a tag from LAKS Pay, send it to Amal for creative deconstruction and repurposing into an implant, then have Amal send it back to us because only LAKS Pay has the finance villains’ seal of approval.

Did I get that right, more or less?

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