Is it possible to disable NFC with NExT?

I had never seriously considered getting an implant, but I got the NExT at a biohacking village at a conference. I love it, it’s so cool.

The only thing I realized, is that I probably should have got a xEM instead of NExT. I’d really like to be able to use a multiclass reader, but when I try to, it’s always picking up the NFC chip instead.

I know this probably sounds like a dumb question but I’m going to ask it anyway. Does anyone know if it’s possible to like… turn off the NFC implant temporarily?

I’m pretty sure you can’t. But you can get another chip in the other hand that’s just xEM


Perhaps only once/permanently with something like NFCkill but I’m not sure you can isolate it to HF only.

Great username! AFAIK no there’s no silent mode like e.g. xSIID has (and that’s permanent so also not rly what you described). NFCKill could be explored, I’m pretty sure amal would send a NExT to someone with a NFCKill for testing. Could go both ways really, in theory it shouldn’t nearly induce enough power in the xEM to fry it, on the other hand it’s sitting next to a chip being fried… maybe that was even tested already, oh if only we had some form of forum AI that might remember that.

Perhaps you can just set the LF to some mode the reader won’t recognize?

There are a few to choose from, it’s possible it can’t recognize them ALL

Before you go frying anything, I’d burn a stack of t5577 iso cards to every possible type and just slap them in front of the reader one by one

Fuck I misread… thought LF was the problem

Neither an xEM nor NExT that I recall have been attempted with an NFC Kill and shared on this forum. (although LF xLED has been “killed”, see video link below)

But you may find this interesting

In short if you use NFC Kill, to fry the HF side of your NExT, you will also likely kill the LF side you want to keep.

My Opinion, just get yourself an xEM

Also you may find @freqyXin youtube stream killing a bunch of stuff (Stream starts at 10:30)