Is it swelling? No! Then why is NExT not yet reading

I went to see Charlie at Diversity Tattoo, in Las Vegas. I have a NeXT implant i received as a gift at the end of 2019. Nobody in Arizona installs, so I made it to Vegas and got the implant installed on May 30, 2021, at Diversity Tattoo by Charlie (who is listed as a “Partner”). He said he has “installed HUNDREDS of these” he picked up the package, gave me a form to fill in, and ince I was finished he called me into the back room where the needle was laying out with the alcohol packet. We didn’t mark where it was supposed to go in pen like I had seen in videos I watched.
He put the needle all the way in, pushed the plunger in and removed the needle.
(More like giving a liquid shot than placing a tag with a needle)
The problem I have now is, I’ve not been able to scan the HF or the LF at all since it was injected, I can’t find the tag even with a very high power neodymium magnet (I hoped i might be able to feel the ferrite core)
As far as I can tell I have paid over $300 and a 2 day road trip for nothing more than an uncomfortable hand.
Someone tell me what comes next.
If I wasn’t a new user I could upload the 13mb video of the procedure.

For now I’d say give it some time, swelling will effect readability a lot.


Hang the magnet from a bit of string about 10 inches long.
Then move your hand underneath and watch if it moves.

Really think this will settle and swelling will go down, then it’ll be right.

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I’m not sure if the same upload restrictions apply to messages.
I’ll DM you, see if you can reply with the video and I will upload it for you


Just to add - as long as it is perfectly possible that all the problems are just due to swelling, I would definitely change the name of this thread. From how you describe the procedure, there is no way to tell if the studio “screwed” something up at all, so you’re quite possibly talking bad about people who don’t deserve it.

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Fair point, I will change it for him to a more neutral title…I haven’t had a reply to my DM yet.

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There is NO swelling anymore. It was days ago.
So… when will my new Proxmark3 easy begin to see the implant. Also how long does it take to move off my thumb bone and into the webbing of my hand where it belongs?
Someone please let me know, my thumb has had needles and pins for 4 days, and I’m not sure how much more I can handle.
(Also I have a severe PTSD toward medical staff)

Thank you, James

Hey James,

I don’t really have much advice to offer you in this matter. I would like to verify you saw Pilgrimsmaster’s attempt to assist you. From your post I am unable to discern if you were able to send him the video. From my deduction it seems the next step in diagnosis of what may have happened would be a video of the procedure or maybe even current pictures.


When I got my xEM installed, it sat on a bad spot as well in the beginning - I had some pinching and nerve pain for about 2-3 weeks. Stuff like this can happen, no matter how careful you are. And from the experience of myself and others here, getting a read can definitely take longer than some days… try to be patient.

Is it sitting above your bone? And you can’t see nor feel it? That’s pretty strange…
Are you able to provide some picture so we can see the entry spot, as well as the current state of your hand?


May 30th to June 3rd is 5 days. There might not be any visible swelling, but your body is still healing from that wound. There are undoubtedly lots of fluids still surrounding the actual implant. Some people can get a good read the same day, or within a few days, others have to wait for a couple of weeks.

Are there any signs of infection, or pain in the area? If not then keep an eye on it and be patient.

2 Likes here is a link to the injection video in YouTube.
Charlie put the penitration point at the center of where I want the tag to sit.
I need to know how long until my wrist and thumb stop hurting and the implant moves to where I told him I wanted it.

I think what you’ve missed here mate to put it bluntly is that you have put a foreign object in your body with a large needle. Everyone’s body reacts differently to these things, be patient, give it time.

that’s another thing, they move how they please, unless you splint it, it is going to move wherever it wants within those confines there is no way they could have made it sit exactly where you wanted so if it eventually settles not in that location it’s at no fault of the piercer.
Be patient, give your body time to heal and adjust. Ibuprofen will help with the swelling.

I’d say get it out.
PTSD is not fun.
Migration can take longer than your mind could tolerate. No chip wort risking mental well-being.
Removal is quick and painless, pins& needles will fade away with the pain management (emla patch).
You can get it implanted again once your mind is prepared for it.
…you mentioned you got it as present… hence I assume you were not 100 ready for it.

I only base my opinion on the fact you mentioned PTSD.


I got it as a present a long time ago, been ready since before covid shut life down. Nobody in Arizona will do them. And clearly Charlie at Diversity Tattoo didn’t listen to where I want it, or mark the place to put it. I want it. But I want it in the right place. I was very specific where I wanted it. The “professional” told me he’s done “Hundreds of these”. Now, I’d like to talk to one of the HUNDREDS of people he has injected.
I wish I had known beforehand, I wanted my implant placed, not injected .

Also, as for painless removal. My ptsd is caused by Anesthesia awareness. I am not able to be knocked out, and pain killers do nothing (including locals, like novocaine).
Surgeries are a problem for me.

Do you still feel Pain when you move your Thumb?

I wish all the best!


When I move my thumb I get a shooting numbness up my arm, and then needles and pins.


Just read the following if you re prepared for not the best news^


first: i am neither a doctor nor medically trained in any way.

I think that the installation was done too deep, the installer did not lift the skin and it looks like it stabbed down in the muscle.

Muscle injuries take a long time to heal and hurt …

I would see a doctor and discuss whether a removal would make sense. if an X-ray is taken, it can be determined how deep the chip is.

The other option would be to consult another installer who really has some experience with X Chips if all medical facilities are not an option

I hope I’m wrong and it all heals up quickly.

all the best

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Yes I saw the video. I am not a piercing expert, nor am I experienced in evaluating piercing procedures. However with access to the video now, other more knowledgeable members may be able to offer you feedback or suggestions.

I certainly wish you the best whichever way you decide to proceed.

We can identify the bones in my hand.
Where the black oval is is where I told him I want it. Where the green mark is, thats where he put it.

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