Is it swelling? No! Then why is NExT not yet reading

I would say there are a few problems with the installation that any professional who even briefly studied our documentation would not have done;

  1. the injection is not parallel to the index metacarpal. The angle is very strange.

  2. the tenting of the skin was perpendicular to the needle, which only gave a broader target for the needle point, but did nothing to stretch the fascia open separating dermis from muscle to give a nice open area for the needle depth to be controlled inside of.

  3. the needle was inserted, but not retracted before ejecting the chip. this means the chip must then force its own path through tissue as there is no pocket for it to be ejected into. this could result in deflection in any angle, possibly affecting final depth.

Overall its not a good installation. For review;


Agree, and the tenting was something I would have done differently for sure, but I just don’t think it will lead to a “screwed up” install neccessarily…
The things he described (not being able to read a chip after a few days + nerve pain) could happen with every installation…

Okay, that would be a problem - didn’t see it clearly in the video. My installer pushed the chip while retracting the needle, went fine that way. But if the piercer here ejected the chip while the needle was all in, it would be a pretty big fault… not something I would expect from someone with experience in that field :woman_shrugging:

I have to agree with these two posts. While I have no implants, an x-ray will locate the chip precisely. That will allow you to see if the chip is actually in the fascia, and if so where, or if it has been injected into muscle.

If @Amal says that procedure was problematical then I am definitely not going to argue with him.

Zack, please don’t let my experience prevent you from getting one, just find a KNOWLEDGEABLE installer.
One maybe where you might see their work first, if possible.

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Thanks, my hesitation has to do with distance to installers, and not actually having a use case at the moment.

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Customer service, above and beyond

To quote @darthdomo


This is why I do my own installs.

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Just in case you don’t have access to X-rays and by chance have the right materials at home, maybe try this: My ugly but cool DIY hand X-ray (visible-ray?)
It’s not a solution but if your implant is right under the skin (as it should be) then it will be clearly visible (like mine in the pictures). Maybe this can reassure you while waiting for a better solution.
For your placement use the TP setup, not the box.


I’m not sure that this video is that great at showing the install site position, it appears to be closer to the base of the index finger than in some of your installation videos - like here:

vs here:
Screenshot 2021-06-05 121913

Back on topic, I hope your implant works out @Zeno

The important bit is parallel to the index metacarpal bone. How far down is related to the hand in question.

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This was an install on @Cthe4x4go



Don’t mind me :rofl:.

To the correct person this time: I hope this situation with your implant is resolved soon @Cthe4x4go, it really sucks that you went all the way to Vegas and it didn’t work out well.

An xAC will go out to @Cthe4x4go once shipping address is confirmed.


What is the point in contacting a piercer who clearly didn’t listen to me when I was standing in front of him. Please tell me what you think he could do now, since I had the implant put in, got a drink from the circle k next door and drove my stupid butt back 6 hours back home.
And remember he didn’t pay attention while I was in front of him. Do you think he could fix not entering at the correct point, maybe he could magicly will it into the correct spot. Is this a tallant that peircers who don’t listen to you in person have?

Dude, I know you’re frustrated by now, so…
I was just thinking about what I would do in your position. If that’s of no help for you, fine. Not really my problem.
But if I happen to be unhappy with something my piercer or my bodmod artist did, the first thing I do is talk to them. They can for example tell you that slight nerve pain after an installation is not an unusual thing, and thus maybe calm you down a bit. If anything goes wrong with a mod, the people who do them on a frequent base (because they earn their living in doing so) might just have a few more ideas on how to solve the problem.
And if you feel like you’re not treated the way you want to be (though I have to say, there’s always two sides to that), you can tell your piercer as well. If you’re right and he had a bad day or whatever, he might apologize and offer you some help, maybe in re-injecting the chip in a better spot or whatever. Or he might just be an asshole who just doesn’t care - but that’s the thing your assuming already, so your opinion won’t become worse.
Or maybe you had a bad day. Like I said, there’s always at least two opinions about such cases, and I wasn’t there.


This is a very heated thread. I’m sorry it got so sucky for you.
But rather than us defending some yahoo piercer we can’t control, I think the focus should be on getting it out and redoing it later when healed up.

I’m not a doctor, I’m just a dumbass with no fear doing dumb shit to myself - take my advice as you will :slight_smile:

It sounds a lot like you nor your body are ready for this so, Getting it out is paramount if you wait too long, the thing will hide. I did my stuff all by myself and the first one in I fucked up. I have lost an xsiid somewhere in that same general area.

I have tried 3 times to dig it out and failed three times. All I could go by was generally scan its location and a very slight shuffle with a large magnet. Had I had an X-ray I would have had a better chance of finding it.

1 get an X-ray
2 get it out - doctor, not piercer.
3 heal up your body and brain
4 decide if you want to install again or use it as a cool little trinket hot glued to a lego minifig of Batman.


Genius idea :smiley:

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I get that you are frustrated and disappointed, But

Dude, you need to pull your head in.

The people here who are trying to offer you advice, giving up their time, sending you well wishes, sharing their experience, and you being sarcastic and “attacking” is not a great way to endear yourself to the community.

Amal has offered you a free xAC

Amal is going to, or has contacted the piercer.

You have had about 12 community members try and help and give you advice.

Maybe a thank you rather than a “Fuck You” would be more appropriate.

Let’s wait a bit and see what @amal comes back with from the installer and you can hopefully do some testing with the xAC

If you actually decide to call the installer:-
Write out the facts, Take a breath, give the installer a call, but don’t come out of the gate guns blazing, you will put them on the defensive right from the start.
Just tell them that you have contacted Amal and the community on the forum, explain what you think may have happened, and listen to what they have to say, if your approach is “correct” they may offer a refund or another acceptable alternative solution…

Here is some more advice for you.



I’m sorry for snapping at you. (It was rude of me)

He’s not “my piercer” I’ll never see him again. In fact, I’ve only been in his presence for about 3-4 minutes. If he knew the purpose of what he was installing, maybe it would have been different, but instead he inturupted me and told me he’s done hundreds of these. Now that I’m over 300 miles away, what do you think he can do, do you think it matters to him? Having spent a few minutes in his company, I feel he made an easy $120 and that was where the care and support ended.
I could be wrong, but it’s unlikely.
Also I would HONESTLY like to thank everyone for the advice they have offered, and the support I have received. You guys are great and Amal is fantastic. I can’t give you guys enough parise.
Again THANK YOU for your support and well wishes.
Frustrated James