Is one of these readers good to use to clone low frequency chips?

Hi, I am kind new to the RFID/NFC, but I decided I wanna get a NExT implant. I researched everything I could, but now one of my questions is what readers/writers are good and safe to use with RFID implants? I found this one but I never saw it being used with an implant, is it any good or should I just spend a bit more money and buy a proxmark and learn how to use it?

Get a if you want to do any work with RFID. The white cloner can work but has issues that can cause problems with the T5577 chip inside the NExT.


So Amal already answered you, and normally if a business owner suggest you buy their product rather than “something else” those business owners can’t always be trusted as they have a vested intetest.
Amal is not like that, he is 100% trusted, I (as a fellow DT customer) concur with his reccomendation

here’s a post I did a while ago around that cloner

I am also not a fan of the proxmark, it is not a fun device, it’s not super simple setup, the interface is very :nauseated_face: 1990s DOS (actually linux command line)…BUT, it does what it says on the tin, AND it is unfortunately currently the best option

so to answer your question, YES buy A ProxMark3, there are plenty of people on here to help you if you get stuck

plus a acouple of guides to get you started

I made a couple of Abbreviated guides based of the above.


i can happily guide this fwiw proxmark is a learning curve for sure


Thanks for quick replies, I’ll definitely get a Proxmark than! Good to know there’s a friendly active community for body hackers/cyborgs.


Icopyx seems to be an amazing device even though it is crazy expensive.

I need to do some updated research, so take my comments / opinions with a grain of salt as to the current state of play.

Indeed it does APPEAR to be amazing
And I WANT this to work as well as it could / should

I think where it may currently still be at is:
EU version would be the one you want to get
The US and UK version you may still want to avoid

I BELIEVE the EU version is the only one that you don’t need the manufacturers proprietary cards to be able to write.

For the UK and US version there is a work around and you can create your own.


when we are talking Implants, we don’t want this proprietary shit on our implants, we just want to read and write without having to worry about that.

Also I’m am still not sure if the iCopy works with an xSeries

SO, if anyone is considering getting one, I would reccomend getting it from KSEC as they 100% stock the EU version

If you are wanting iClass functionality, that is a pricey add on for one function ( although there is a homebrew version you can make)

Remembering, I haven’t looked at this for a while, so my information could be out of date, but
For me personally, I still have a couple of questions

  • Does it work more easily than the Proxmark with implants?
  • Including does it work with xSeries
  • If I bought one from somewhere closer (cheaper, faster, lower CO2 footprint) than Europe, can I unlock it to work with the same functionality as the EU version?

I have tried contacting the company previously but…:cricket:
@KaiCastledine is the best upto date source of info with the right insider contacts, so hopefully he can chime in with an update and more a accurate summary

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Pretty much spot on there. There are some tags, such as Iclass, which require the icopy cards but the EU version is considered to be “unlocked”.

For anyone interested, we sell some new bundles for these which have awesome value/bang for buck:

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