Is there a way to add a long range antenna to the Proxmark3

I have a standard proxmark3 not the RDV4 and really dont want to buy a brand new >$400 proxmark, but I would like to be able to scan something a little deeper/farther, is there anyway to modify a RDV4 large antenna to fix a standard Proxmark3? or an easy tutorial on how to make my own? Honestly my man reason is a need to scan a dog chip and my local shelter will keep the dog as its not neutered which is nuts but im not going to have them do that. I know I can buy a cheap (ISO11784 / 11785) and EMID reader on amazon, but for the sake of doing it if i can add to my proxmark id like to. Sorry this was long winded.

Yes, you can remove the LF antenna on a Proxmark3 Easy and make your own antenna.

This thread may be helpful:

I don’t blame you

The link @endeavour shared is an awesome option.

However if time is limited, you still may want to buy yourself a specific pet scanner via Amazon etc.

The Shelter would almost certainly have a scanner, so im guessing that is not an option…

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The flipper is a great option for scanning dog chips, the led indicator changes color when near a chip and green when it’s actually reading