Is there an actual, community driven wiki?

Is there an actual (official) community driven wiki? I haven’t seen one, so I’m kinda assuming it doesn’t exist.

The wiki category doesn’t seem to be the best place to consolidate information, and having a go-to place to look at documentation related to using implants with flipper/proxmark, what to expect during install and after care, implant locations, etc. would be very beneficial. Especially now with the improvements made to the flexsecure, apex flex, and their corresponding on-chip apps and mobile apps. The forum is great, but reading through multiple long threads (going back years) to figure out an answer isn’t great.

ps. The site-feedback category, linked to in the pinned “welcome” post doesn’t exist anymore :slightly_smiling_face:


There have been a couple of attempts at making an unofficial wiki.

@Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha made Dangerous Things Unofficial Wiki

I also host a wiki on my homelab server at

Not much on either yet, but I’m sure with some help from everyone, either could flourish. I meant to spend some time each day writing for it, but as usual, life got busy.


Maybe it’s time for an official one?

I started replying to you the other day, but its a big topic.
Rather than edit what I have, I’ll just post my thoughts as I threw them down

I’ve narrowed it down to this

You do raise a good point
As @StarGazer1258 mentioned above a couple of examples.

My first attempt at something similar to what you are asking is here ( I know it needs a facelift)

I did start a Part 2 to this as a more intermediate level, and the intention of a Part 3 Expert, deep diving into Data sheets etc.
But my Part 2 was eaten by the Forum whilst it was still a draft, and I havent got back to it…

My handy dandy tips and tricks is an attempt to consolidate some “out of the norm” useful info into a single thread, with the intention of branching off the Proxmark3 posts.
Into a Proxmark Wiki (for cyborgs)
SetUp (Windows - Linux- Android- Mac)
Commands - Structure - Shortcuts
Reading, Writing, Cloning, Emulating
Tips and tricks (Parts, Hacks, 3dPrint files) Placement

Following that, as the name suggests, The other Thread will remain as a tips and tricks Wiki

If you go to the WIKIs youll see a bunch of other threads like

Also a documentation Thread

Also Amal has a few in the DT Info Primers

This is a good example

You are correct though, there is info all over the place, but it shouldn’t be TOO hard to find.

Basically what I am trying to say, it is a big job, it is happening slowly, and it will EVENTUALLY get refined and consolidated.

Or it might just become a Wiki page with links to Subcategories.

There is no timeline on it, but it will happen,
Lets just call it SOON™

Normally it goes like this:

Person Asks question in a new thread ( That should have and could have been searched first.)
Person gets answer they wanted, or they may have more questions OR want their hand held and walked through the process ( Not an issue, because the amount of information can be overwhelming and a whole new language to a lot of people)

The search function works pretty well.
read the WHOLE forum, from start to finish…I did :wink:
Ask your question, will will probably get the answer you are looking for.

In the interim, is there a specific thing you were looking for that we might be able to help you with?


Thanks for the detailed reply. Nothing specific I need help with, thanks! I just got my flex secure installed and was digging through the documentation to get some apps on it. Figured I could try my hand at consolidating some notes on whatever I do to get it working, and wanted to see if there was anywhere besides the forum I could post what I come up with.

It is easy to search the forum, and I love reading the threads, but I’m also a sucker for good documentation (despite never having done it myself :sweat_smile: ). It especially helps when you have one document to reference when doing setup/troubleshooting as it gets everyone on the same page and makes steps more repeatable. A solid tutorial/wiki is a godsend when you’re trying to troubleshoot and all you have is a handful of threads with segments of code/commands scattered across multiple messages.

So I guess what I’m pushing for an official wiki that the community can maintain. The unofficial attempts are valiant but I don’t think they’ll attract the amount of contributes necessary for good documentation. I want to see :grin:

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That all makes sense.

I think you will get what you want, just not right away.

Feel free to publish your findings in the forum, and it may make its way into a Wiki in the FlexSecure sub-section

Speaking of which, one of the drawbacks to collating the information, is referencing the originator. The originator isn’t always the first you find
Some people don’t care, some people can be precious

Where you aware of the FlexSecure Git?

As far as I am aware, Discourse (this forum) doesn’t allow for multiple contributors on a single Thread/ Post. (I can have another look at that though)
So any form of actual Wiki would have to be hosted elsewhere.
That becomes a pain in the Arse.

There are already multiple Dangerous Things platforms/ social media, and I cant speak for Amal, but I doubt he will want another one under his belt, which is why he let the Reddit one Die.

I was but I just noticed the help wanted tag on the latest issue (which also happens to be about documentation). Definitely happy to make a pull request or two once I get everything figured out.

Yeah hosting is a pain, there are dedicated wiki hosting services but getting it tied in with discourse login would be … interesting.

A good middle ground could be the docs plugin, which is an official plugin for discourse.