ISO pet chip changing frequency

Hahah right?!
Obviously they don’t have any idea how to solve this problem.

Im glad it’s still interesting for people here.
I saw all these videos of people opening doors and cars, paying and turn on the music and then here i am with my cat :joy:



That forum may well turn you into a cyborg cat longing for a hacked up fridge.



Im ok with that. As long as that fridge is filled with treats.


Ok a little update…

Today i reset the feeder, took off devils collar with tag and let him eat treats from the bowl while it was in “Add Mode”.

After about a minute it added a new chip with a different number than my cats chips.
Nothing else but my cat, my phone and i were close.
But ok, i thought that still must be his new chip anyway.

So i put new treats in the bowl so he would eat again to test if it would open and it didn’t. Took more than 1,5 minute before he walked away.

I put the feeder in “Add Mode” again and he comes and eat the treats AND HIS OLD CHIP GETS ADDED! (Yup the one that was declared dead)
Then i try to get him to eat again in normal mode and it opens almost right away.
I guess i need to wait and see if it will stay this way.

Idk what that other number was tho. It looked more like a tag number than a pet chip number.

Working like it should

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Also, the “new tag” that was added is there a chance that there is a tag anywhere near ? Sounds like the reader is just adding noise tbh.


No like i said it was just me, my phone and Devil without the collar and tag. So his 2 chips should be the only things it would detect.
The scanner range is not far enough outside the feeder to detect anything else.

I borrowed a chip scanner to check Devil’s chips myself and still I can only see the new one. And also still the Surefeed will only read the old chip but after more than 1,5 min.
I got an email back from the Surepetcare customer service saying that sometimes when animals have more than 1 chip :face_with_raised_eyebrow: they can disturb (not sure if this is the right English word for it) each other.

That doesn’t sound logical to me. If the older chip is harder to read (weaker?) should the newer chip still be read? Maybe the old one would be in the way of reading the new one well each time but at least it should have picked it up instead of the old one.

Is there some physical issue a person(or animal) can have that would be bad for a chip? Like some kind of disease.

Sure pet care tells me that best is to keep using the tag and that’s it.
I just want to figure out what the hell is going on lol

If they’re close that can happen. We know that from human chips.

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It’s called collision, and low frequency chips rarely support any kind of anti-collision features. Basically both chips try to *talk" at the same time and the signal gets mixed and basically turns to noise.

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Ahh i can see how this can be the case.
Too bad the old broken one keeps winning tho lol
Could this collision be harmful?
And no way to turn one off?
I guess im just gonna have to accept that it’s not going to work with the feeder.

The only harm is the poor performance.

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Thank you guys so much for helping this chipnoob. It’s very much appreciated!
And you have a lot of cool stuff going on here. If i ever decide to get a chip for myself this will be the first place i’ll go look for info. :grin:


Gotta love this community, imagine it has been tough to figure out how to troubleshoot given the lack of general understanding of RFID.

I’m glad I stumbled on this thread as I’ve got an older cat that needs to gain weight, and a younger demon kitty that needs to lose weight and this is great for an idea of something to try. :slight_smile:



From “if I ever decide to get a chip” to “hey guys, what chip should I get?” takes around 2 to 4 weeks.
At least that was the case for me.
I just kept thinking how logical this is…

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You lost me at RFID :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But yeah great friendly down to earth community.

As for your kitty’s, it’s definitely a good way to manage all the food and weightloss and gain.
My older cat Devil had to lose weight and go from adult to senior food. My other cat has his own food for his breed and needed to lose some weight to for his joints.
The vet recommended something like this since i wasn’t looking forward to feeding them separate 3 times a day.
I have to say it works really well eventho i had some trouble with my older cat and the feeder.
And the customerservice here in The Netherlands is very friendly and helpful.
I also weigh them every friday on my bluetooth scale :joy:
Im glad this topic was useful for you.

Hahaha ok well i love gadgets and computers and technology, but i don’t have the funds for it.
I don’t even know what i would do with it honestly and until i started googling for answers and ending up here i had no idea that this was really a thing many people do.
Can you program it to do more than 1 thing?
So unlock something and pay with it?

Payment is difficult. It requires an extra implant currently.
For example the NExT has 2 chips, you can clone your work badge to it (if it’s the correct chip type) and register it at various locks & unlock your PC+ have a URL on it when phones scan it.
The VivoKey Apex to be released SOON™ can literally run multiple applets, so added to the above comes online authentication stuff, a good computer login and so so much more possibilities.
This is a good starting point.

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Very interesting. the only implant i’ve ever had was a birth control implant in my arm :joy:
Not as cool and wasn’t a succes for me lol.
But from all of the chips on that list Vivokey seems the only one with website login so i’d take that one cause logging in everywhere with 2 step authentication and what not drives me nuts!

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Yes 2 factor and passwordless login via implants are the dream.
VivoKey is working on lots of applets to integrate everywhere possible: has a list of the announced applets.

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And you need something close to be able to acces it right?
I wouldn’t want to get hacked lol
My computer (amongst other things) was hacked a couple years ago.
I lost everything, so im all for security.
Having to type in passwords when logging into stuff i had to start writing them down. I don’t use the same password twice and use just random characters so can’t really remember them all. I also do not save passwords on my computer anymore.
This VIVOkey would indeed be the dream for me if nobody can hack it.

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