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I’m assuming that you’ve got a diagnostic card or two :card_diagnostic_dt:, use it to determine if the readers are configured for 125kHz fobs. You might need something like a proxmark to clone one of those to an implant.

Oh wait, you got it to work already. Awesome! Congrats! Enjoy your implants :unicorn_thumbs_up:.

No I have not got it to work we are about to key the key fobs this week. So I don’t know I was gonna get one of the 125khz readers the little blue one…

If you’re talking about one of these

I would highly highly recommend against it. Those little blue readers can add a password to your T5577 mplant that’s can be difficult to remove, even with a proxmark

I would look into a flipper zero, or a proxmark easy

I ended up purchasing the small blue one but it never worked… and yeah long story on what happened to me though… In I love in an apartment with some family and the doors have hf and I got a next and a vivokey2 to work with only when I got to check my profile for my vivo key 2 it just says

O no I don’t know what to do. Please help how would I go about setting them in up as key as for the doors. So duh it says I forgot pin I didn’t change my pin though. Anything I can do?

Why when I use the application for vivokey2 it says enter your password then it denies me entry. Also in an I have high frequency in door in locks to my apartments and to the entrance of my in apartments. I was hoping you could in help me get my next microchip in and vivokey2 to be the door keys thanks. We have high frequency locks and key in fobs thanks. On the vivo key it says that my vivokey2 has already been set up

do you know what HF chip the apartment keycard is using?

what programing tools do you have? flipper? proxmark?

Just nfc tools

These are the two reads that come up from the HF nfc tags for the apartments accessibles

Doesn’t look like the spark 2 or next can clone that

It’s possible it could be enrolled if they are only using the UID

Look up cloning vs enrolling

you shared 3 screenshots

The first 2 appear to be the same

they are mifare classic 1k with a 4 byte NUID

this can be cloned onto an xM1, xMagic, FlexM1 etc

the last one, as Eriequiet suggested, will need to be enrolled.

How do I enroll the second one?

Is there anyway to get on the vivokey2 platform to check what my passcode is? Because some one else had the same problem. I had phones that would work. I know for a fact I didn’t mess up my password. And there’s no way to get into my vivokey2 is there anyway to get my password back?

NVM just got the message I’m checking to enrolling vs cloning

It will depend on the system, the only way you can do it is ask the Apartment access manager, and explain what you are trying to do.
Just explain it is just like when they enroll a card, but yours just happens to be under your skin

I need to have a xmagic for the first HF key fob and then I can have my next microchip implant for the other one as long as it’s enrolled? Or should I install two xmagics to use doors accessibly?

xMagic to copy your first one yourself (or enroll if it is easier)
NExT for your last one may work.

The NExT has a 7 byte UID and so does you last one, but they are different chipsets.

it will really depend on 2 things.

  • Is the system just looking for a 7byte UID
  • Can the readers couple with the implants

Do you have an HF xFD?


Test that on the readers to see if ot lights up

If it does, thats a good sign
If it doesn’t, it is still possible but you’ll need the implant to confirm

remember to take your time with the placement on the reader

Where would be a good such a big 3x13!mm chip at I got my left hand a 125 frequency pinky and ring finger of my left ring finger I have a next on my left between my index and thumb along with a low f by it. I have a vivokey2 on my right hand between the thumb and index finger where would be a good idea to place such a big chip at right hand between pinky and ring finger?

Which chip are you talking about?

The xMagic is 3x15mm

I personally wouldn’t call that big

If you are talking about the xMagic, as it is dual frequency, you will want to place it away from any other implants, or at least far enough away that you can ensure your reader will read the implant you intend to have read

Have a look at this and see what location will suit you for what you are trying to achieve

I’d say 3

So the later I believe the later was my recreational rooms, doors to community, word processor rooms, gym, and trash and bike rooms and wash rooms.