It's official, Dangerous Discord adopted

@MouSkxy has been gracious enough to launch a Dangerous Discord server, and the community built upon it. Today he’s handed the keys over to me, and it’s now an official Dangerous Things community hub!

You guys are the reason Dangerous Things is even around, and continuing to support this growing group of adventure technologists is our entire mission. While this forum plays a critical role for current information, technical data, community solutions, and support. The Discord server is a place to hang out and discuss a wider range of topics with broader scope, in a relaxed environment.

Thanks again to @MouSkxy! To join the conversation, click below…


I think the most important thing to remember is

There are multiple chats for a variety of subjects. We recommend that you go to the DT forum for implant support as the user base is much larger and posting on there means your post can go on to help other in the future.

As it says, the discord server is not designed for support, and support question may help out an individual in the short term, the information is pretty much lost into the bowels of the server.

Here in the Forum is a better place to ask those question, or more likely find those answers.

Happy Discording


is this different than the Old discord?

It’s the same server. The content and population have developed to the point that it’s time to recognize it as an official part of DT

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Awesome, thank you. Now that I work from home, I can finally join without worrying about managers and the like.


This is great! Been neat to watch this place grow. Although, after you said this earlier,

I was hoping for a different kind of product announcement!

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the only proper next step i see is a official DT Esports Team.


For cyberpunk 2077 right?


It has a planned multiplayer, potentially.


Joined. Cuz I already spend most my day checking discord anyways…