Jan 2021 VivoKey Apex update

No doubt. I can’t imagine cyberware will be mainstream anytime soon, so our Apex will have a very long lifespan.

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On this day, we joined the DT Club. The lounge has some fun topics. We’re just keen to see the Apex and support Amal while he works tirelessly to create the future.


I know this may not be the right thread where I should ask this but: would it make sense to buy now a spark 2? Or should I wait for the Apex one? Does anyone know the date of the release?
Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two will be? And please sooner or later @amal create tutorials in order to allow beginners to understand it better


The Apex will be available Soon™ and is capable of running JavaCard applets. Personally, I would wait for it. But that is just me.


Thank you man! Just a quick question, why did you put ™?

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Because the usual response is Soon™… It’s just a bit of a joke. People are waiting and @Amal is working on several things. He is also having to wait for other companies to do their parts. So there is no explicit timeline at the moment.

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The biggest difference is the Chips
There have been a few iterations in the Vivokey implants line.
The Apex has a far more powerful and capable p71 chip than the Spark, which, still has a place and uses.

The best place to send you to compare between them is this link

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Is it correct to say that the Apex has some similar functionality to the YubiKey?

If I can get (at least some of) my OTP keys and hardware 2FA key type functionality out of it I’ll be very happy. PGP would be cool too!

There is a smartcard yubikey applet afaik. Some OTP and PGP for sure.

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For soon you guys mean something like weeks, months or years? Is it possible to see the status? I mean I checked many topics out there and I saw that around May ‘20 you were already talking about Apex. Thank you

It is just a little Forum Joke, The Apex has been close a few times, but outside of Amals control, little roadblocks keep popping up, and pushing the timeline back.

Amal could simply release an inferior product tomorrow, but that is not going to happen.
Perfection takes time.
Currently the roadblocks are in the hands of external service providers, but when all the ducks are lined up, the release will be imminent.

Just keep an eye on

Long story short



You could also join the Dangerous Things Club if you’re interested in the inside scoop of things. I realize you’re new to the forum but I can assure you there are some nifty things in there.


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I joined, but where do I see the club? Lol, is there an actual club? Or is it more like a mailing list?

There is a category for DT Club post on the forum


you will see on the club posts, this

and you will have automatic access to to those threads as a club member

Hope the new vivo apex will be available soon :slight_smile:




Looking forward to it.

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AND 11 hours after Amals post, it’s even SOON™ER