Jan 2021 VivoKey Apex update


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Quite the opposite, it will likely have the biggest NDEF storage capabilities of any implant so far (potential exceptions to this are the previous beta Apex level implants, the Vivokey flex beta and the Vivokey flex one).

Specifically, it should definitely be able to store 16kB or 32kB of data, maybe more. Note that reading that amount of data will be slow, and depending on the phones NFC stack implementation, it could cause significant slowdowns when trying to use other applets.

For more information, you might want to checkout this post by Amal:

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Indeed, The most relevant part of that post is this bit, which confirms @DonFire s statement

@amal I was still hoping to get a replacement for my bricked Flex One. Anyone know if I missed the boat on a shipment of Apex implants?

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Nope not at all… they still haven’t shipped, but we are prioritizing Flex One beta replacements once we do. Emails will go out asking for updated shipping addresses once we are ready to supply beta participants.

I should also say that DT Club members will also get an early chance to pre-order and be 2nd in line to receive Apex implants after beta participants.


Thanks, @amal. 'Looking forward to it!


Oh what?! I had no idea that the Flex and the Apex were the same thing! We’re definitely joining the club to get in on the Apex preorder.

Okay, you’ve got me sold. Joining the club.

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The behind the scenes content alone is absolutely worth joining! let alone any extra goodies :slight_smile:


Specifically the Flex One was a VivoKey prototype smart card implant based on the P60 SmartMX2 chip. Turns out it sucked. Hardware bugs baked in. Flex One was cancelled. Apex is next gen P71 SmartMX3 with more memory and better RF and CPU performance. Flex One beta participants will be getting a free upgrade for their efforts and trust. :slight_smile:


Oh hey, didn’t know this was a thing. Joining now. Totally worth it

It’s likely already been said and I have missed it, but is there a rough ballpark in how much the Apex will cost?

I’ll let Amal answer officially, however as you asked for ballpark, this “quote” from Amal was from January this year


So $348.99 then. :roll_eyes:

Or ~ $450 AUD

$348.99999 (5 9’s)

tenor (11)


Even at $349, getting an implant with a lifetime warranty which does ALL THE THINGS and SAFELY sounds like a steal to me.