Jan 2021 VivoKey Apex update



Maybe a way to not have to check, “I am not a robot” on dangerous things, and to have it automatically apply my discount? Is that a thing? I guess it would just be an account feature though.

Really cool! Out of curiosity, how much Flash, ROM, and RAM memory do these chips have?

Here’s the fact sheet of the chip used, a ton of info (direct download)

Nice profile icon by the way :blush:


Fixed that for ya.


Have the emails been sent out? I haven’t received one yet.

Based on the datasheet that darthdomo linked, I doubt 12KB is going to be enough :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe someday though!

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Enough for what? Doom?

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Yeah, you need at least 2.39MB. Looks like our destiny of playing Doom in your arm will have to wait



Well, I really shouldn’t leak this here, but, “I have heard” after the Apex is released, Amal has been working on an implantable Doom.

This may or may not be factually accurate :tongue:


Hmm. What if we reduced all sprites to single pixels and made it all greyscale?

Pretty sure you could compress it down a lot by just tossing out assets like @amal mentioned… issue is, how are you going to actually display the video feed being rendered by the chip?

We kinda consider the mobile phone to be the defacto interface… a companion app would serve as input and render output :slight_smile:


Not to bug you or anything, but how is production going?

Chinese new year put a crimp in antenna delivery… still waiting for antennas :confused:


Obviously not the right one.

Appreciate to update and openness.


Thanks for the update regarding the vivokey apex. Any timeline when it will be available?
I‘m looking for my next implant and I think the vivokey would be the perfect one as of what I have read.
Door unlock
Sharing information
Grant access per identity

But as of my knowledge there is no storage where I can write information to like a next or xDF, right?

So the plan is to run Doom on the phone but only when it can talk to the Apex… Got it. :slight_smile:

I know the answer to this… Soon :tm:

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