JCOP P71 card for experimentation/development

First of all, I have no idea what I am doing but I want to learn!


Can anyone comment on whether buying a card like this would let me experiment with deploying and experimenting with the kinds of applets which will be available on the Apex? I know that this card would not be ‘enrolled’ in the Fidesmo system but if I can compile the applets myself that shouldn’t be necessary?

Would I be better off buying a tag from Fidesmo instead?

Not really sure how to get started but I have a couple of ACR1252 readers coming so would those and one of these two cards/tags be enough to get started?

I see there is some info in another thread but i’m not following 100% Problems using Vivokey demo cards

Perhaps @fraggersparks might be able to suggest?

amal recently said VK’s probably releasing Apex cards

Yeah, go ahead. Might be an opportunity to learn some cool stuff.

Since they don’t have P71 cards yet (afaik) no.

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So I found some cards but the minimum order was 10, soooo if anyone wants one shout out and i’ll work out how to get it to you.

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Success! Was able to deploy a pre-compiled applet and verify functionality.


@ethan_rose Did you end up buying from CardLogix? If so, what specific model did you choose (I’m guessing one of the dual-interface ones)? I also came across the one from JavaCardOs and was going to order it if I couldn’t find anything else.

Hi there,

I did :slight_smile:

From my order, MOQ 10,

Version: J3R110 (Dual-Interface)
Secure Channel Protocol: SCP03

I believe this is substantially the same as the Apex P71 chip. I have been able to get GlobalPlatformPro working on my computer and deploy some pre-compiled appliets without too much trouble.

I would be happy to send you one if you like rather than order 10, just send me a PM with shipping details.

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