June 2022 VivoKey Apex Flex update

What I thought was starting out as a superhighway to the fast lane of implant technology turned into a naked hike through bramble bushes, poison ivy, and a few snake pits.


It has been a long long trek that is finally coming to an end… at a road… a road to civilization! I won’t burden everyone with the long drawn-out history of the whole saga… I’m sure those who have been waiting are acutely aware of each and every advancement and setback over the last several years. Still, a quick rundown of most major of hurdles couldn’t hurt;

The hurdles

  • Prototype installed in my left arm based on P40 SmartMX chip!
  • P40 chip has hardware bug that bricks chip in certain situations. Advised to wait for P60 chip.
  • … 2 years later …
  • P60 chip comes out. Create Flex One beta program. Ship.
  • Beta participants discover new but similar bricking problem to P40. Advised to wait for P71.
  • … 2 years later …
  • P71 comes out. Prototypes made. Tests ok.
  • Fidesmo requires contract re-negotiation before production can start.
  • Walletmor failures based on flex PCB antenna design. Investigate.
  • Identify / resolve antenna issues. New antennas ordered.
  • Fidesmo contract revised and signed. New license model solid.
  • Logistics companies refuse to ship vials with chlorhexidine solution anymore (required for flex).
  • Sell first born to buy gas plasma sterilizer to ship sterilized flex with no vial or chlorhexidine.

The announcement

So now I am posting this announcement to say the following;

  1. We have finished our first batch of Apex Flex, fully programmed and ready to go.

  2. I am reaching out to Flex One beta participants via email to get updated shipping details.

  3. I will be taking down forum.vivokey.com completely. It may re-appear later as a general public forum for VivoKey related things, but at this time I will be taking it down since it functioned primarily as a forum for the Flex One beta. If there is any information on that forum you would like to save, do so now.

  4. We are looking for ways to include the needle inside the sterilization pouch with the Apex Flex so the product and installation tool can be supplied together, fully clinically sterilized. This will require a different pouch, some heat sealing magic, and a protective silicone tube for the point of the needle. This approach is being validated with the gas plasma sterilization manufacturer to ensure complete sterilization is still occurring. with this configuration.

  5. I will be fulfilling Flex One beta replacements first, then DT Club pre-orders will ship next.

  6. The Apex Flex (and possibly the Apex Mega) will be put up for sale to the public within 1 week following fulfillment of DT Club pre-orders.


Congratulations are in order. I know the Apex is a fantastic chip with some already useful apps ready to go. I look forward to seeing people getting theirs installed and having some fun.


amazing news. so happy minus your first kid


Sounds like we may be at “SON™”


Excellent news! My first post here was literally me being slightly (and mostly jokingly) annoyed at finding this place just as the Apex was announced to be coming “soon” so I decided to wait for it… that patience didn’t last very long…which was probably a good thing, but still!

Now it’s nearly here for real and I get to deal with the whole other “problem” of deciding where the hell to stick one since my original spot has been… taken… hehe



So this means Amal is free to start doing all the other projects right? :roll_eyes:


Like the FlexNExT2 right?

Nah, I can’t wait for the Apex line!!!




Aaaaaand the teasing is back lol


Saving my r0 for a NeXTSiid :joy:

First of all, congrats @amal for the fantastic work. Can‘t wait to have it in my hand and play around with.



Has the store page been done up already

hah not yet… but soon™


And, once again, thank you for the flex one upgrade: being a small part in this adventure is an honour and a privilege

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There is always “something” coming soon™

I’d be surprised if you didn’t have a “soon™” tattoo at this stage. :rofl:


What would be the expected range with some common readers? Like the pn532 for example or phones. Compared to glassies?

Oh sweet jesus. My wallet(mor) is not ready for this.

Glad that i reserved a spot for the apex though.

Will there be somewhere we can see what applets are available?


It’ll be like reading the manual on the way home for a game you just bought when you were small.
I can’t play it right this minute, but I’m gonna learn everything right now! :joy:


interested in the PIV applet mainly as we use it at work.

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