June 2022 VivoKey Apex Flex update

do you mean

or something else?

Yeah those ones. I forgot the girls name, but she made a video about how she disolved the Tesla key card and sent it out to be converted then showed a video of her implanting it in her forearm. I always just assume it’s DT doing the conversions.

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AmieDD :slight_smile:



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The x-series form factor is still in development as well or was it scrapped?

In development


Anyone know of any UK installers actively doing the Apex Flex? Bit short notice but I’m already on the road this week so would be a good time to get it done if I can find someone.

Check ksec

If visa and mastercard aren’t approving payment implants currently, how did walletmor get off the ground?

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Is this in reply to my query regarding walletmor? If that’s how they’re getting around it, I’m surprised that visa/mastercard haven’t cracked down on it

in all honestly they could at any moment really.


Internal Google 2FA keys are proprietary and provisioned different than a standard your standard 2FA key (YUBIKEY OR TITAN). There isn’t a way to install the Google 2FA applet to the 2FA key without USB anyway.

I don’t think you understand what I was talking about. I am talking about Google account 2fa that is all standardized.

Nope, I totally didn’t understand :smiley:

I thought you were talking about cloning the internal 2FA.

Sorry for the confusion. 🥲

This is the thing that requires Google authenticator or similar OTP solution that creates6 digit 2fa codes good for like 30 seconds right?

If so then yes Apex can do this.

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I use it for this and it’s great.

Is it still possible to order the apex if you were to join the dangerousthing club or is it a little to late for that?

https://dangerousthings.com/product/apex-flex/ you can just order it, it’s just unlisted.


My wallet wasnt ready for that…ouch