June 2022 VivoKey Apex Flex update

apex mega spectrum is still in testing phase. no eta

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Did you add a yoke to your model 3?

I did, since I couldn’t afford the S, I tried making the 3 a mini S. Took a few weeks to get used to but now I really like it. Makes driving more fun.

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Your post got a mention in my local Tesla group, via Daily Mail UK!

The questions and discussion have been mostly of interest. Good work, maybe we’ll get some more cyborgs locally soon!

Trying to repost as didn’t seen to attach as a reply to @Dondula, sorry all.

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So I thought the articles daily mail and teslarati wrote weren’t too bad and technically sorta accurate. However, I made the big mistake by reading the comments section of that article and it was pretty brutal. People are bat shit crazy and just say the worst stuff. But to be expected for things people don’t understand. Some of it was pretty funny though in the worst way.


Most of them are just awful, but I can appreciate a good pun:


Lol that is actually amazing.

Just made Yahoo news, can’t wait for the next batch of comments saying I’m ushering in the apocalypse.

Wish I woulda dressed up a lil more to the install if I knew it was gonna be on the net like this. Have to bring a bowtie next time.


did the install cost $400?? or is that the chip included

No the install was just $100. Not sure what the production price of Apex is. I got it for a slight discount being a club member and pre-ordering last year

Ok thats good news so i have something to tell my installer.

Article took me for a loop


Seen you on Reddit as well :wink:

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I read the Daily Mail comments, and it’s scary how crazy people are.
I wish you guys could understand Hungarian. There was a recent article about Walletmor, and the comment section there is mad :smiley:

Can you link it by any chance? We can try to translate it :grin:

Here, enjoy it! :smiley:

Some translation to help:
“Fenevad” -Beast
“Lopott idő” - In Time
“Soros” - George Soros


I just got my ass handed to me on the biohackers subreddit, totally thought that would be a safe space to talk about this stuff. It ended up being a lot of convos of things like “what supplements will make my pee less yellow”.


Seen it too there. But there’s less people in that subreddit. And it’s more high level stuff than hands-on.


Yeah that sub is… not our kind of biohacking for the most part. I’ve been subscribed to it for a long time and at this point given up following what goes on there. If you want to make yourself miserable by drinking nothing but kale smoothies, knock yourself out, but I am not excited by that. If I live a year less and get to eat bacon every once in a while, that is A-OK by me.

Eat your veg, have some exercise, go to the doctor every year or when you notice something’s off (assuming affordability. Thanks America). I’ll always be skeptical of anyone online giving health & wellness advice.


There has never been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy


the subreddit you want to look at is the r/bodymods one. They are way more welcoming

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I might just chill on sharing any of this stuff outside of here for a bit. Didn’t think it would get that much attention. Especially since a couple people already have had non Apex Tesla key card implants, which was reported on a couple years back.