Just noticed somebody picked up a badge

Quite the accomplishment, Congrats.

I’ve only got 139 more to go.


Well, I am feeling mildly stalked… :wink:
But thanks!
@Satur9 was looking lonely in his own little club.
I don’t remember missing any days, but it took over 400 days to get it, and when I noticed I hit the 365 days I was sitting on 365 for quite a while, I think it might be a timezone thing, that caught @Devilclarke out also.

Good luck with your 139 days, they will come around pretty quick :+1:


Yeah the 106 day badge :rofl: congrats @Satur9 keep it up @ODaily ill see you soon (I’m at 173) :wink:

Just don’t forget a day :wink:

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The weird part is, if you do, you won’t know it unless your counting the days and waiting for the badge.


Filtering by year I first noticed I had 365 days at about day 380 something (filtering by all time) I thought Oh, strange, I don’t remember missing a day, I should have got that badge a couple of weeks ago, must be the server timezone logging issue that fucked Devil over for his 100 days, oh well , I’ll probably get a badge for that tomorrow…checked the next day, still showing 365 days, no badge, hmm weird, oh well who cares, now I’m just curious as to how it counts days, checked every 2 -3 days and still showed 365, scratched my head, oh well, Discourse will tell me when it’s ready, rather than searching for it, I’ll let the data come to me, then I might be able to work backwards to see how it measures time, obviously it is slightly different from how I do AND how I wish it was (decimal time, like the French proposed on a few occasions), then day 410 I got the 365(366) day badge…after weeks of showing 365 days visits, but that was 265 days after my 100 day badge,which should have been ~2 months before that was given…:thinking: hmm…Maybe I was in a coma for 2 months ( or I just missed a day at the 2 month mark, but then why is it still showing 365 days everyday for multiple weeks without rolling over) anyway suffice to say, i am none the wiser.
Discourse you are a mysterious Bitch.
Long story short, what @ODaily