Just ordered an xSIID+LED NFC chip, how should I properly set it up?

So this is my second implant, first one I got was the xNT and to set it up and secure it I used the dangerous NFC app to password protect the lock bytes. Would this chip follow the same procedure?

I also saw this thread XSIID - "Tag is not NDEF-compliant"
I assume I’ll have to follow the same procedure to make it recognizable?

Anyway thanks for reading and have a good day :slight_smile:

Also thanks Amal you never disappoint <3 can’t wait for it to arrive!

your xSIID should already be configured and protected once you get it!
after implanting it, give it a scan and see if it leads to the DT website. if it does, that means it’s ready to use!
because of its larger size, TagWriter doesn’t work well with it, so i recommend using NFC Tools for writing. don’t write anything larger than 1kb though

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Mine came set up and ready to use, and it’s fairly easy to password protect using NFC Shell on Android

Yup already read the 1kb bug, awesome thank you for the input <3 can’t wait to get it, thanks @adiev & @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha for your inputs!