Password protection on fresh implants

Hey all,
Just had my first installs done, XSIID with blue led and a NeXt. Have come along the topic of password protection. Are my implants already write protected with a password? Do I need to set one before doing anything? I have seen there is a dangerous things app for protecting the xnt but the next i have read is done in the DT factory?

Can someone please explain what I need to do and why?

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Welcom Buddy, I hope the installs went well!
Positions L0 and R0?

The NExT is also done at the factory so no need to do anything.
The xSIID I don’t have, but the same deal, just different password

but just let me find you a link or two so you can read for yourself, wait one…

THIS ONE says it all and straight from Amal from 5 days ago.

Pretty much you are good to go!!!

Any questions come on back

Thanks pilgrim master,
I got them installed at L0 (next) and L4 (xsiid)
So in order to protect my XSIID I can put password on it with tag writing app and to write to the Next Nt side I need the password tgats set in the DT factory? :blush:

For the NExT, you don’t need the password for normal everyday writing (and i believe its the same with xSIID, but dont have one)

The password is set to protect only writing config settings (like the password itself and what it protects, pretty meta!) not the user data.

Basically, it prevents you from putting it in read only mode without the password, or changing it without the password. But if others know it, they could write a link to pornhub @anon3825968 :wink:, set it to need password to rewrite it, then change the password.


Thanks compgeek, that makes alot more sense . So in theory I could still put a password on my xsiid to stop others writing user data to it?

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Yeah absolutely! It already has the default password, so you’d change that, then set the range of ‘pages’ it protects to include not just config changes, but also the user data pages.

Just a warning that a lot of NFC apps don’t understand the NTAG I2C thats in the SIID properly yet, so I’d use NFC Shell (carefully! Since it can cause you trouble) to send raw commands to do this.

Hell, if you wanted to, you can even set it so reading some areas requires a password I believe, but again, haven’t played with this.

As for the commands, I’ll tag @Devilclarke, but there are also others here who can help!

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I would put the other half of the mighty duo @leumas95 in there also.

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I was going to tag other people, but figured then it’s a slippery slope where i tag you, Satur9, fraggersparks, maybe Rosco, and basically summon all the regulars! But yeah, @leumas95 I’m sure would be able to help too!

We’ve already been summoned once today by @ODaily :wink:

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thank you guys so much. I’ll take a look into this once swelling is down. On a side note the slight pain will go away after a couple days right? Also what is chance of it sliding out the hole? And any technique to sleeping without moving implants?


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Don’t Sleep…

I’ll let @Compgeek answer you seriously, I see him typing down :arrow_double_down: there

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Yep, its not the implant that hurts, its the body’s healing process. You have a stab wound, they tend to tingle a bit. Before too long you won’t even know its there.

As long as you don’t knock it, it probably won’t migrate that far back towards the hole. As for coming out, your wound is probably already smaller than it was, maybe smaller than the implant. Keep a band aid on for the night if you’re nervous, but I don’t think its accidentally coming out.


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