Just when I finally have the push to get the xBT, I'm reminded IT'S ABOUT TO GET RE-STOCKED

As long as you can fit it into the fascia tissue so it doesn’t go too deep, and remains easily readable, then it should be fine. The point of that location is that it’s very close to where you can hold a regular thermometer in your armpit. The premise is that your arms are going to be down next to your torso pretty much all the time and that’s going to even out the temperature of your arm and get it kind of close to core temperature.

If you put it on the outside like near your tricep muscle, then it’s going to be experiencing a lot more temperature variance according to ambient temperature around your arm. Basically it’s nice and warm and snuggy and cozy in your armpit and that temperature isn’t affected as much by ambient air temperature around your body. That means you can more easily create an offset calibration and it’s going to stay relatively stable.


A good point of reference


any good install videos besides the one I can find from @JennyMcLane?

I’m trying to decide between arm and chest side of the armpit… I think I’m leaning for arm side…
also leaning towards taking off the migration cap


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i eould prefer zhe chest - the temperature is higher, then in the arm

hmmm I guess if I can get my hands on an IR thermometer… I could locations periodically…

I figured the armpit would be better since its flesh on flesh, has this not been your experience? as far as I know you have 2?

This would be a good thread for you to revisit


My flipper arrives next week! And I already have an xBT! This is awesome news!


Mine too! The 14th! No xBT yet, but I’m excited to play with he flipper more. My brother has one I got to hold for five minutes but other than that never used one. Managed to quickly clone and emulate my xSIID and stuff which was neat.

since we’re getting some dead implants back how about a restock of some xglo :eyes:


Got the xBT materials… kitting next week

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Is there a way to pay-now-ship-later or should we wait till there all kitted and ret-2-go?

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We used to enable preorders for stuff like this but inevitably we’d get cancellations and people moving addresses and it’s all become a bit much to manage. Our goal now is to just ship orders as fast as humanly possible, but only enable orders once we have everything in place.

The whole family got sick over the weekend and I was taking care of everyone… but now I’m surfing the forum from bed, surrounded by tissues and soup. I’ll try to get back to kitting and such by the end of the week. This one seems to pass quickly, thankfully.


Glad it’s passing quick! Hope you all feel better soon!!


Take all the time you need to heal up.

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sad but understandable :pensive:

xBT still coming? :thermometer:

still… we haven’t gotten around to kitting them yet because so many other things are happening all at once… but they are coming… sorry for the delay!


Good things? :thinking::wink::sunglasses:


yeah i really think so :slight_smile: