Keysy cant read NEXT chip

My keysy can read and write LF but i cant seem to get it to read from my NeXT chip. anyone else having this issue? it can read my friends LF only implant from you guys.

We have been in talks with them for some time. The problem is the antenna in the standard Keysy… it’s just not designed to couple well with the small cylindrical antennas inside our implants. After all, the Keysy is powered by a single 3v coin cell after all, so it’s definitely not putting a lot of power into the antenna coupling.

Oh yeah, so your friend…

This might be luck of the draw to be honest… maybe the Keysy is just barely able to read it and his xEM implant has slightly less tissue between it and the Keysy and maybe the tuning on the xEM is just right to get a good enough couple with the xEM… but the bottom line is that a stock off the shelf Keysy will have a very hard time working with implants in general.

You can be whoever you want to be on the internet. That’s interesting about the random chance aspect I’ve gotten it to repeat copy off the other multiple times. The keysy has some exciting blinks as I move it all around my no no spot I’m just trying to verify all 3 chips function. 2 out of 3 at the moment of is the final test.