Kinda irked there is no installers in Phoenix

So I’ve been looking for an installer in Phoenix and the whole industry is so lame. I feel like with many shops there is zero concept of customer service. If you asks a question they act like you are bothering them. Almost like having good customer service will make them look ‘soft’ and they will ruin their ‘street cred’ lol.

I recently went to a shop to talk to them in person about installing a flex. This was a rare time I took a call while I was driving so I pulled up in front and sat in my car finishing my conversation. As I sat there a person left the shop and locked it up…2 hours before their advertised closing time.

In any case, I thought…I’ve done 3 self installs, that makes me pretty much more experienced than any of the local piercers (in regards to implants), why not just do what I need to to become a peircer myself. Not really for the money but to give anyone in AZ someone to go to. I looked up AZ laws and apparently AZ laws are almost nonexistent. But for how few laws there are, there is one specific one that kinda ruins the whole thing. It is a felony to engage in the business of piercing out of a home.

So does that mean if I do it for free, then it’s not a business? lol.

Forgot to mention, heading to Dallas shortly and thought maybe Pinapple would be in town, but alas, he is not. I have a possible trip coming up to Orlando and we’ll see if I can get Leo to do it. BTW, Leo’s website listed on the partner map is no longer valid. Additionally, the shop URL redirects to their FB page.

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Come on up north and I’ll stab you for free!

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Oh strange! I mean, what case caused that to have to be a law hahah

This feels like a “it’s only illegal if you get caught”

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