Last minute questions/double check, installer appointment made

Pain is different for everyone, i try to say it feels no worse than drawing blood with a needle.

I agree wholeheartedly with this, I try to give Plasma as often as I can, and it barely even registers. Though the needle gauge is only 16 or 17 for that.

Don’t worry about it, you will just feel a little prick :wink:

It’s not that bad at all bee stings are worse. Just a little sharp pain and done. it’s not even that sore after. and the position your getting it in was the least painful for me im up to five now. Six once I get the replacement for my xM1. The most painful for me (and even that was not bad ) was the top of my wrists. All the ones in my hands have been a cakewalk.

For me personally, there was no actual “pain”. I could feel the needle cutting into my skin but it didn’t actually hurt. I do think the forceps that I used to tent my skin numbed things though because they were really tight.

they were all supposed to be “LED comes out first” but 1) most are the other way, LED comes out last, and 2) not all of them are this way. Super irritated with our factory about this. Future batches we will try to fix this.

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Hey. Me too. Mine came out “doesn’t light up” end first. I was counting on it being right up close to in-between the knuckles. No hard feelings though.

Edit: Well, when it gets used it is covered, it makes no difference in the end after thinking about it.

Any way to verify?

It should be easy to put the syringe in an EM field strong enough to reach through the syringe: if the LED shines through the syringe cap, it’s bevel side.

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It’s actually quite difficult to do this at high frequencies… 125khz is possible yes… even easy… but 13.56mhz is very difficult because of the skin effect induced into the metal our the needle. I would love to see it though.

Surely if the field is strong enough :slight_smile: There has to be some of the signal reaching the coil.

Yes but by then you’ve down out the modulation and can’t get any data over the field

But. It might still work to light the led

Yes. Wasn’t it what needed testing out the factory - or before implanting?

If the manufacturer checked the orientation with that method, they could simply apply a “LED out first” or “LED out last” sticker on the packaging and problem solved. They wouldn’t even have to be careful how they insert the chip in the syringe.

Well, it’s in our build package for this product that the assemblers test the chip for function after it’s been sealed and then orient it with led coming out first in the syringe. That’s how they are supposed to be built before shipping to us from our factory… but anyway it’s quite difficult to build a test rig to power it after already in the needle. We’ve tried before with amplified 13.56mhz coils and got nothing… maybe it’s possible, but we’d rather just have our factory follow the build package if you know what mean.


Don’t think I have any means of generating a large high power nfc field… just my phone and a proxmark easy

Guess I’ll just have it implanted assuming led last, since you said that’s the most common

Also remember whatever orientation it is in, the chip will move backward during healing toward the injection site about 6 mm. That’s the most common backward migration during healing.

You know what? I have an old oversized IAR injector and a field detector. I’ll give it a spin in the lab next week. We have a high-power high-frequency waveform generator somewhere - I think. Hopefully it’ll go down to 10s of MHz, I think it’s designed for much higher frequencies.

Or I could dig out my old ham radio rig that goes down to the 10MHz band and outputs 100W. But I’d be afraid to blow the final stage if there’s too much SWR.

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tenor (18)

Just checking, haven’t read anyone say either way any issues with my planned next chip perpendicular in the wrist?

45 mins out

lemme check…

so if that mark across the top of your wrist is the position in question, then I would say this would be ok for a flex but not suggested for an x-series since it will likely lay across bone. It’s not what I would consider “high risk”, but just not suggested. I would go between the bones (parallel with) if you wanted to put it there.

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