Laws on implanting around the world

Just wondering if there are any laws on implanting in the US and Canada.

Didn’t read about it until after I implanted.
Would be good if you post these as a sticky somewhere.


  1. Is it legal to have implant, in Canada, US, Australia, Europe.

  2. Is it legal to implant yourself or by doctor.

  3. Is it legal to have one for personal use and not medical.

I will look myself for these and post them here.
Just worried they wouldn’t be legal where I live because I have found mixed answers.


1: yes
2: yes (self implant not recommended but it’s legal. Most Drs wont do it. Need to go to a trusted body modder, State laws vary on what modders can do, most are ok.)
3: yes

#3 was almost illegal in Nevada recently because ignorance, but it seems that most places in North America are fine with it. @JennyMcLane might have some feedback about the limitations in Europe.


Austria: bodymods forbidden

Getting chipped: only a doctor is allowed to do it

Piercing needle in Austria: only up to 2 mm
Syringe is too big:
xNT, NExT, xEM,… 2,6 mm
xM1, xG3,… 3,75 mm

What I know: Germany and Sweden: no problems

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Do you know any laws in Canada? I see that there are tons of people with chips in the states.
I like it, I just don’t want to get into any trouble while bragging lol.

Russia: no problem with law.
Except people who think that implant it’s from Satan =)


No Problem in switzerland.
Just find a Piercer that is willing to do it.


I mean, I really cannot think of any reason why having an implant can be a problem with law. At least I cannot think of why government may stop you from implanting a RFID chip into your body.

However, having it done by a doctor may be something that could be illegal in some place due to the implant not being safety approved. But I don’t know any country that has this law.

  1. It could be considered a medical procedure. Doctors often won’t perform the implantation. When you have an unlicensed person (piercer) perform the “medical procedure” it might be illegal, especially if they applied painkillers.

  2. Many people think that RFID chips can be used to track people like with GPS, even though they have no power source. Several jurisdictions have proposed outlawing RFID implants to inhibit human trafficking.

  3. Some people believe that payment implants are the mark of the beast. Groups that hold these ideals may have undue influence on the legislative process.


No legal issues in Canada for RFID or NFC implants I am in Canada I asked around no problems
I actually found a doctor that did my body temperature implant

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Are you Swiss?

Austria: bodymods forbidden
Getting chipped: only a doctor is allowed to do it
Piercing needle in Austria: only up to 2 mm

So there’s a law in Austria that forbids bodymod if I understand correctly? This raises the inevitable question: define bodymod.

From what you wrote, I deduce Austria allows tattoing and a little bit of piercing (up to 2mm) - both of which qualify as body modification as much as Yakuza-style pinky cutting in my book, in that they all modify the body. Hell, implants are probably safer than a piercing from a hygiene standpoint…

In short, the law is unclear and nonsensical, and probably ripe to be challenged by the first brave Austrian grinder willing to hire a lawyer.

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No one cares, have you implant or not. But it is a really big problem to find a doctor or a piercer, who can give a agreement to install implant