LED excitation circuit

I just wanna know if anyone has a simple excitation circuit that I can pump a considerable amount of power into to just increase the range where the xSIID LED will light up? I don’t wanna write anything to it or do any fancy NFC stuff. I just wanna be able to easily monitor the colour change as bruising disappears. I assume I’d need a quartz crystal timer since 555 chips don’t go to 13.56 MHz, and neither do Arduino. Any links or things will be appreciated. Simplicity and power are the main things I want from this. Thanks guys

Edit 1: Ok so I think I may have found a way. It is not elegant by any means, But I wonder if it could work so I might try doing it for fun. So obviously the venerable NE555 timer cannot get up to frequencies high enough. But if we consider it outputs a square wave. then we can find the frequency within the range of the 555 that has 13.56 MHz as a frequency in the Fourier decomposition of the frequency output by the 555, then put it through filters to get the frequency on it’s own then feed that into a coil. Sounds mega inefficient but also should only take an afternoon and minimal expenditure

Easiest would be a pn532 with an arduino and the sketch would litterally be activating the pn532 thats it. I’m pretty sure that’s been done a few times I’m pretty sure @ThexTallxDude did exactly that.


Hmmmm awesome. This is basically exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you for the schematic. I’ll definitely be checking it out. Seeing what I can do

Yea, just the PN532, and ATTiny, and a watch battery all mushed together did the trick for me.

The power bracelet should work nicely @Boiledcabbages . If not, just let me know and I’ll see if I can scrounge up some instructions for ya.

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